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    Is 'White Prison' making Bang Khwang a darker place?

    Spectrum, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 17/03/2013

    » Bang Khwang Central Prison is undergoing a transformation under an initiative aimed at ridding the notorious "Bangkok Hilton" and eight other facilities of drugs and other contraband. The "White Prison" policy came into effect last May under new director Vasant Singkaselit. Under the policy, visitors have been banned from bringing food, clothes or other items for prisoners; even books are banned. Prisoners are allowed to meet visitors once a day for 45 minutes, up to two visits a week, while visitors can only seen one inmate per day. Inmate workshops have been cancelled, punishments have become harsher and access to help in case of medical or fire emergencies has been limited.


    Everything under the sun: A heated run through the region

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 24/02/2013

    » In Richard Arthur's I of the Sun, a backpacker sets off for Southeast Asia to experience new cultures, to understand himself and life better, to forge a new beginning. The backpacker falls in love with Thailand's party scene, girls and natural beauty, while pondering the origin of the universe, the nature of cause and effect, the extent of free will _ all in a haze of uppers, downers, hallucinogens and casual relationships. Along the way he catches dengue fever and skin infections, becomes addicted to any number of substances and thrills, feels a bit of sympathy for others in their plights and a lot more for himself in his.


    In a postmodern world, a return to the traditional

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 28/10/2012

    » Pakorn Klomkliang, curator of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, describes Songrit Muaiprom's work, as "filled with rich simplicity, unfeigned, unsophisticated, raw and without embellishments". While the pieces in "Northeastern Thai Buddhist Art", Songrit's first solo exhibition, are clear and accessible, that doesn't diminish the dexterity of the artist nor the relevance of his work. He won first prize in the Traditional Thai Painting category at the Bua Luang Painting Exhibition this year, and has won many other awards and been featured in several group exhibitions.


    Thai eyes capture the world

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 30/09/2012

    » Tourists often come to the Kingdom armed with heavy camera gear and return home after a week or two with hundreds or thousands of photographs from one of the most photogenic countries on Earth. They are a common, accepted feature at many temples and sights. A similar, but less represented institution is the army of Thai photographers _ professionals, aspiring amateurs and snapshot tourists _ who now travel the world recording their impressions.


    A public display of 'Affection'

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 20/05/2012

    » 'Affection", a new art exhibition at Bangkok's Centara Grande, combines the talents of three Thai painters who make use of contrasting media and methods to describe elements of nature, animals or the human condition.

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    For African footballers, the grass is greener in Thailand

    Spectrum, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 15/04/2012

    » The Thai Premier League _ boosted by increasing sponsorship, popular support and financial backing from politicians and corporate millionaire chairmen _ is on the rise. TPL champions Buriram United defeated the top teams of the Japanese and Chinese leagues in its first two Asian Champions League matches last month, an achievement unimaginable a few years ago.

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    Dragons & butterflies, an inmate finds inner peace

    Spectrum, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 13/05/2012

    » South African Alexander Krebs, known to friends and family as "Shani", arrived in Bangkok in April 1994 on a 10 day holiday. He was 34 at the time and writing a novel, but was also a 15-year-long drug addict who had a sporadic wild streak in him and had just broken up with his fiancee. His family thought the time away would do him good.


    Buddhism meets mythology

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 18/03/2012

    » Another exhibition of Buddhist art currently showing is "Mara", a series of spiritual paintings by Thanapon Junkasain. Located in the lobby of the Banyan Tree Bangkok, "Mara" is being staged by the non-profit arts organisation Wai Art. The contemporary Buddhist acrylics in Thanapon's first exhibition, "explore the concepts of right and wrong", according to the promotional material, by drawing on traditional mythology.


    Hills alive with the sound of music

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 19/02/2012

    » In a corner of Loei province so remote that the only mobile phone reception comes from Laos, robust opera arias and piano arpeggios ring out. It's not what you'd expect to hear in this typically tranquil spot near Pak Chom along the Mekong, but with the 11th Agalin music camp under way, the sounds of nature give way to those of the classics.


    Painted into a corner of town

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 08/01/2012

    » Anew artists' community is taking shape near the corner of Chaeng Watthana and Vibhavadi-Rangsit roads. V64 Art Studio is part workshop, part show space and gallery as well as part commune. It hopes to serve the needs of its 75 artists as well as the collectors, curators and art lovers who appreciate their work.

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