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    Not working (out) for tips

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 06/05/2016

    » The prospect of introducing Bangkokians to pole dancing as the new exercise fad that's equipped with many health benefits seems like an uphill battle when we live in a city that's for years been trying to shed off its sordid stigma as the go-to place for adult-entertainment.


    What's cooking, neighbour? 

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 05/02/2016

    » After noticing a huge pool of culinary talent hidden in Bangkok's home kitchens — and a growing demand for authentic meals — Samuel Coizet and Pakki Sampataphakdee co-founded Kinkao (, an online platform that allows home chefs to cook and sell home-made meals to the people in their neighbourhoods. From Vietnamese to Mexican to Southern Thai, you can find nearly every type of cuisine on the website. We spoke with the founders about their endeavour.


    The Voice

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 21/11/2014

    » Supaprat “Ping-Pong” Panyarachun is a voice-over artist based in Bangkok ( After stumbling upon his career by chance, his voice has been featured in many TV and radio adverts we hear today. Much like job interviews, voice-over artists have to audition and pitch to each brand before getting selected. He tells us what it’s like to star as the voice of multi-million-baht commercials.


    Bangkok, uninterrupted

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 17/10/2014

    » In the past few months, numerous crackdowns and clean-ups have been happening in and around the city. From demolishing street stalls to arresting irresponsible drivers, clamping vehicles parked illegally, and banning the use of hookahs in restaurants and bars - it’s all fine and dandy but aren’t the powers that be stripping the city of its charms? Tourists don’t travel thousands of miles to spend their holidays in our parks nor do they come to experience fancy restaurants that pride themselves on top-notch hygiene standards. Sure, residents of Bangkok complain about how there are too many cars or how bad the traffic is but wouldn’t it be a frighteningly quiet city without the honking, cursing and deep bass sounds of molam music pumping from neon-lit tuk tuks? We imagine what Bangkok would look like, uninterrupted.


    The campaigns

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 03/10/2014

    » Recently, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha issued a 23-page policy statement on how he intends to get this country back on its feet. Of course, we’re not one to criticise his foolproof plans, nor suggest that he should come up with another song, this time collaborating with popular artists like Thaitanium or Joey Boy to keep the young’uns from switching radio stations every time the tune comes on. Instead, Guru enlists the help of aspiring change-makers from different industries to come up with their own political campaigns of what improvements they’d like to see, what laws should be implemented and even the lyrics to their own songs; so if the present and future PMs ever run out of ideas, they’ll know where to look.

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