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    Just getting started

    Brunch, Kritini Upayokin, Published on 16/02/2014

    » Barely a year ago, only a few people had heard of Jirayu “James” Tangsrisuk. Now they’re talking about the 20-year-old actor following in the footsteps of Nadech Kugimiya and Mario Maurer to the upper echelons of stardom in Thai showbiz.


    Getting into the spirit

    Brunch, Kritini Upayokin, Published on 24/11/2013

    » Cris Horwang made a name for herself playing a clumsy spinster who is desperate to get married in the movie Rot Fai Fah Ma Ha Na Ther (Bangkok Traffic Love Story) but in real life the superstar is in no rush to reach the altar.


    Fracturing the candid camera

    Brunch, Kritini Upayokin, Published on 29/09/2013

    » They take photos with quirky names _ Mutant, Crashes, Urban Animals _ their subjects are captured on the dynamic streets of Bangkok. The content is about the authentic; a cheeky rendering of ironic charm and playful moments in a vibrant city.


    Rom zeroes to heroes: SCG muangthong united's rise

    Brunch, Kritini Upayokin, Published on 04/11/2012

    » No football club even comes close to matching SCG Muangthong United's performance over the past four years. They have seemed nearly invincible, winning Thai Premier League championships in three out of those four years and smashing countless records throughout their incredible 2012 season. Their accomplishments are all the more impressive when you consider how quickly the team has gone from a basement division two club with more players on the field than fans in the stands to one of the most dominant forces in Thai football _ it all took just six years. Now, the Twin Qilins, as they're known to fans, are the reigning champions, estimated to be worth 900 million baht, at the forefront of a new era in modern Thai football and now have their sights set on cracking Asia's Top 10.


    An offer he couldn't refuse

    Brunch, Kritini Upayokin, Published on 10/06/2012

    » Krissada "Noi" Sukosol Clapp seems like the last guy you'd expect to see using a cleaver for purposes that have nothing whatsoever to do with cooking. Gangster he is not, at least not now, as we meet at Caffe Sonata, a retro-style coffee shop tucked away off Phra Athit Road, once a bustling centre of activity in old Bangkok _ illicit and otherwise. The shop is a throwback to years gone by, with vintage furniture and photos from Hollywood's golden age on the walls. You'd almost expect a Brylcreem-haired, Brando-attitude tough guy to walk in, demanding obeisance or else.

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