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    Into the political fray

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 30/09/2018

    » Last June 30, the sometimes-accurate online Wikipedia updated the opening line of its entry on the general prime minister. For the first time, the introduction read, "Prayut Chan-o-cha is a Thai politician..." Before that, according to Wikipedia, Gen (Ret) Prayut was just a retired army general and head of the military junta -- which is what he claimed to be.

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    Prem too frail for birthday meet

    News, Published on 22/08/2018

    » Prem too frail for birthday meet


    PM says he's a politician − no surprise there

    News, Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 08/01/2018

    » Finally, last week, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha halfheartedly admitted, for the first time since he took over the government's administration more than three years ago, that he is a politician, but not without reminding all of us that he is not just any politician -- but a politician who used to be a soldier.


    A year of tears

    Life, Published on 13/10/2017

    » One year ago today, Thailand lost a great king, the moral and spiritual centre of the entire nation. Upon hearing the news, people sobbed on the bus, wept on the train, cried in the office. It's one of those rare moments in life that affected all of us in such a way that we remember exactly where we were and how we felt when the reality of what happened set in. One year on, we ask dozens of people from all walks of life about how they remember that fateful day.

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    Military reshuffle not just seen as 'power sharing'

    News, Wassana Nanuam, Published on 07/01/2017

    » The reshuffle of top military officers late last year looks to have had a lot to do with the future power of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha rather than just fixing alleged prejudice in military appointments.

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    Thai communists 'loved the King'

    News, Wassana Nanuam, Published on 28/11/2016

    » The image of communists being anti-establishment and seeking to overthrow the monarchy may be a cliche of history, but in Thailand, members of the local communist movement say that was never the case.

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    The pot isboiling over

    News, Published on 03/01/2015

    » The task of writing the constitution has been compared to cooking, with many cooks in danger of spoiling the broth.


    Angry general

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 29/05/2013

    » General Prayuth has angry words with the media after some commentators suggested that the army chief’s proposed border fence is really aimed at increasing the army’s budget.

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