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    Keeping the dream alive

    Life, Father Joe Maier, Published on 22/04/2019

    » When Granny ordered her daughter and her daughter's "live-in" to move out of their Klong Toey shack, there was no wiggle room for argument and debate. To emphasise this point, Granny had a long pistol, the trigger of which she had never in her life pulled, but a gun, nevertheless.

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    Voila!... A festive Sunday brunch worthy of its own holiday

    Holiday Time, Christopher Lombardi, Special publications, Published on 21/12/2017

    » With the holiday season just around the corner, thoughts tend to turn towards fulfilling gift lists, reuniting with friends and family, and of course — that fabulous festive food. For with the year-end holidays come anticipated appetites, visions of sugarplums and, in the end… justified munchie indulgences.

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    No longer the mainstream

    Life, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 03/03/2017

    » TrueVisions, the veteran cable TV service provider, in January sent viewers reeling after a decision to discontinue six major TV and film channels -- most notably those under the HBO brand. The company then announced plans to drop an additional 11 channels from its line-up just a month later and though the operator has replaced the cancelled channels with seven new ones, plus giving other incentives to its million-plus subscribers, the clamour has been audible.

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    The tech effect

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 14/09/2016

    » Following the announcement that it has become the first "smart city" in the country, Phuket recently opened its Smart City Innovation Park to promote development and technology learning as two of their key functions.

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    A nouveau Noël on high Sofitel So Bangkok celebrates Christmas in delectable merry-mod tradition

    Holiday Time, Christopher Lombardi, Special publications, Published on 11/12/2015

    » ‘Twil be the night before Christmas, and of course on the day, that Park Society shall host a grand yuletide soiree. Amid soaring park vistas, cool dining-room flair. A night of chic elegance, great vintages and fare. In the room with a view up on floor 29. The mood will be festive, and the dining… So fine

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    Beachfront bistro

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 24/01/2014

    » For several generations Hua Hin has never failed to impress its visitors. Enjoying constant growth, the noble holiday location that knows no low season has witnessed the relentless additions of five-star accommodations, picturesque shopping villages and golf courses as well as state-of-the-art water and sport parks. Of course, in a town of such highbrow happenings and all things highly-invested, top-notch standards are never compromised.

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    The environment a year in review

    Life, Published on 25/12/2013

    » Campaigns against Mae Wong Dam

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    Kitchen confidential

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 27/09/2013

    » Bangkok's gastronomic scene is getting more luxurious, fun and... well... maybe I shouldn't say this... confidential.

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    The fuss about Furbies

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 18/02/2013

    » The hysterical longings _ and a whiff of hatred _ circling the air for the newest generation of Furbies in Thailand is so palpable, it hits you in the face like a purple, fuzzy brick. The hit owlish toy with the iconic googly eyes and a chatterbox nature that can interact with the owner _ personally or through mobile apps _ was first introduced in the US in 1998 and sold over 40 million units within three years, instantly becoming a sensation so sweeping you might have had to send your child to Pluto in order to avoid it.

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    Culinary Excellence

    Life, Published on 14/12/2012


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