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    Fashionable Humans of MBL

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 27/01/2017

    » Made By Legacy is known for being the ultimate playground for Bangkok's hipster population. Whether or not you buy into what this flea market/vintage showcase is selling, one thing we can all agree on is that it's a great event to spot characters and street fashion trends in their A-game. Here are just a few of our favourite interesting humans spotted at the recent eighth Made By Legacy.

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    Pass the popcorn

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 07/10/2016

    » Do you ever just wonder what filmmakers or film critics watch to unwind? Or what was the movie that did wonders for them? Are they all going to be so esoteric, or do some of them love the same stupid films we do? We decided to find out by calling up a variety of local influencers in the industry -- some godly, others up-and-coming but interesting -- and inviting them to speak candidly about films. See which of the following film experts and rookies you could hypothetically have a movie date with, based on their answers to 10 questions.

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    Brilliantly Basic

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 27/05/2016

    » As depressing as it sounds, basic clothing is like that one underappreciated friend who's constantly got our backs. It may be because, individually, basic pieces are so underwhelming, possibly even unattractive, that we don't worship them like those unique, glamourous friends who may end up screwing us over when the tides change. Basic would never do that though, so this week we recognise the simple items we need in our closet.

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    Graduation checklist

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 02/10/2015

    » There's one part of higher education in Thailand we can confidently say is more impressive and challenging than that of any other country -- our graduation ceremonies. It's every Thai parent's dream to see their grown kids suffer through at least two full days -- dress rehearsal and the actual commencement -- of outdoor photo shoots while dressed in elaborate uniforms, plus the gown, props and an inhuman amount of make-up and hairspray. Did I mention that we're in a tropical country where it is pretty much the scorching summer year-round?!

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    The minimal movement

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 31/03/2017

    » Minimalists take pride, because this season, whether it's with clothing or accessories, the freshest style items out there are making even the most embellished of fashionistas want to go back to basics. But calling these confidently cut-down designs basic is actually an insult. To arrive at such pleasing and eye-catching sleekness, designers easily spent double the time and effort considering how to say the most with the least. So let's take the time to appreciate a few brands who are leading this hot trend.

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    Happy Love-Sucks Day!

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 10/02/2017

    » You knew we were going to do a Valentine's Day issue. But we knew you didn't want to read about goodie-two-shoes, fairytale relationships on a day that's already peak obnoxious. This is Guru, after all. So, we asked for your funny stories of failed dates to remind us of the real charms of romance. Here are the best of the submissions. Enjoy!

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    New moons

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 02/12/2016

    » There's one food that no one ever needed to learn to love, and that's pizza. The universal appreciation for pizzas means that every once in a while duty calls for us to sacrifice our hard earned bikini bods to try all the new pizzerias in town. So appreciate these findings from our piggish pilgrimage. We've got everything from the highly competitive to harmlessly light-hearted. Enjoy and follow our footsteps, with caution.


    Down for the weekend in SG

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 30/09/2016

    » Heading down to Singapore for the weekend, most of us wouldn't consider activating roaming for three days. Because we're lazy cheapos and our fabulous vacation pics can wait to be uploaded when we're back at the hotel. Or just back.

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    "Dress Nice"

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 26/08/2016

    » Perhaps some of you can relate: you know what casual looks like, you know what formal looks like, and let's be real, you know what smart-casual is too. But these categories of clothes clearly don't cover the spectrum of outfits you need as an active member of urban society. Specifically, it's that gap between smart-casual and formal we're referring to. How do you go from your nine-to-five to an "oh it's no big deal, but Woonsen and Chompoo will probably be there" kind of event? When you think about it, the obscurity makes the situation more stressful than an unmistakable black tie dress code.

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    Street dining made easy

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 26/08/2016

    » <b>The Setting:</b> Remember the Weasley's deceptively roomy accommodation for the Quidditch World Cup in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? That was the image that popped into mind when we crossed the threshold of The Local Canteen. From its humble storefront in a pint-sized soi, you'd never imagine to find beyond the doorway, a skylit tunnel that seats nearly 70 diners.

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