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    Gate Crasher

    Guru, Richard Mcleish, Published on 15/03/2013

    » Welcome to Guru 's Gate Crasher, your ultimate guide to finding something fresh to do in this big city.

  • LIFE

    Comfort to a “T”

    Guru, Richard Mcleish, Published on 25/07/2014

    » If you have made the leap of faith and moved down the nether regions of the Sukhumvit BTS line towards Bearing, your gamble is starting to pay off. The infrastructure of the area is kicking into gear, and T’s Cafe by Maison de Baguette is one such blossom, colouring in a new residential area that stood bare not long ago, and local residents must be wrapped. The space is a slither carved from an existing structure on a huge and semi-dormant family block of land. The dead-end soi gives it a neighbourhood and homely feel, with the friendly Japanese couple who own and run it already engaging the local community with leftovers and collaborations. Inside the smart conversion of the modest shoe-box-esque space, there’s enough room for around 15 diners. The interior is a calming spread of Ikea-esque neutrality, with light timbers, prerequisite industrial light fittings and cute patterned stools at the counter bench. The soothing soundtrack comes courtesy of a local jazz fan who willingly shared his collection. The crowd is majority Thai at this stage, but the Westerners will come.

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    Down on the corner

    Guru, Richard Mcleish, Published on 18/07/2014

    » With a modest name and unassuming digs, The Corner defies any expectations you may have for a local Euro kitchen in an off-beat neighbourhood. On-hand owners Cédric Cador and Panticha Gunnut don’t make much of a fuss either, letting the menu and easy atmosphere speak for themselves. The place is positioned in a soi on the up, located between the burgeoning Suan Phlu area and Rama IV — just far enough away from Sukhumvit to be interesting. A smart renovation in August saw the space split into a breezy outdoor section at the front (16 seats) and a more protected indoor A/C area (20 seats) behind. The crowd is mostly local residents and walk-in tourists, with plenty of Frenchies in the mix who trickle down from the Euro-tinged enclaves of Yenakart and Nang Linchi. But the hosts would welcome anyone, it seems, judging by the refreshing mix of regulars, accessible menu and inviting prices.

  • LIFE


    Guru, Richard Mcleish, Published on 19/04/2013

    » There seems to be an awful lot of copycat cooking in this city, with trends being cut, copied and pasted around town as quickly as you can say, "Thong Lor is just too 2012... I'm moving to Ekamai." However, a new player in the game is Paste, which is bucking the trend and doing its own thing in a modern and innovative way.

  • TECH

    Bringing back the beat

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 09/12/2012

    » It was always only a matter of time before the famous boombox of 1980s New York street corners made a comeback. But since many people carry much of their personal music library around in their pocket on a smartphone or MP3 player, is now the right time to stage a comeback?

  • TECH

    A notable effort

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 11/11/2012

    » Much to Apple's fear, Samsung has boomed in the high-end smartphone market this year. It topped smartphone sales last quarter, with more than double Apple's share, with its strong armoury of releases spearheaded by the Galaxy S III.

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    Play Time

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 09/09/2012

    » It was not long ago that compatibility issues were a nightmare for personal digital media libraries. HTPCs were heralded as the solution, meaning users needed to commit a whole OS to manage their libraries. However, those days were short-lived. Problems with file formats, codecs and file system have all been resolved with the boom of the media player, in a move warmly welcomed by consumers. For a small fee, media players are light, unobtrusive and efficient ways to access your libraries, and they just got smarter too, with internet connectivity.

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    A screen for all seasons?

    Business, Richard Mcleish, Published on 02/09/2012

    » We will soon laugh at the old days when monitors and TVs were separate devices. LG is helping bring that day closer with some strong hybrid monitor releases. But the technology hasn't been perfected yet. TVs have traditionally lacked the brightness and resolution of monitors, particularly as they have become bigger. And monitors have lacked the onboard technology required to reprocess images, either properly (gaming) or at all (TV).

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    Better living through technology

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 29/07/2012

    » A brace of new devices designed to make your life easier

  • TECH

    Fit to print

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 20/05/2012

    » As it is prone to do, HP has released many models in the printer market in an attempt to lure a wide range of consumers. This can be a daunting prospect for potential buyers, who can quickly become disillusioned by the overwhelming number of options on shelves.

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