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    How honest are you?

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 16/08/2019

    » Those finding a wallet or purse, particularly when stuffed with money or gems, have their honesty sorely tested when the owner's ID is included. Ought they notify him or her? They need the valuables themselves. Was it just luck? Didn't God mean for them to have it? Likely as not the loser is rich and shrugged it off to experience. Or not.

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    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 15/06/2018

    » When a popular author passes away, his/her estate seeks a replacement to keep generating income. Hopefully, one who can step into the shoes with nary a squeak. Alas, there have been more than a few squeaks and the replacement -- a competent scribe for the stories he's accustomed to writing -- is unable to make the change. The estate may try others with the same result.

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    A love mantra

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 11/11/2016

    » According to literary surveys, love stories are the most popular reading matter. The reason why, I leave to psychologists. This reviewer guesses it's because however hard we strive for it, it continues to evade us. Vicarious is the closest we come to the actual experience.

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    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 25/01/2018

    » World War I was so horrendous that it was universally believed another world war would mean Armageddon, the end of life on Earth. Imperialist conquest was one thing, but another world war had to be avoided at all cost. The way to settle conflicts was by talking, not shooting. An Austrian corporal, gassed and be-medalled, disagreed that the Great War was the War to End All Wars. Arguing that the Versailles Treaty ending it gave Germany -- his new country of citizenship -- a raw deal, he set about disclaiming it. Though talking peace, he set about arming the Third Reich.

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    A high flyer

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 21/04/2014

    » A US naval air combat veteran, Stephen Coonts turned his training and experience into successful literary thrillers. Unlike Tom Clancy, who never went to war, his detailed descriptions of weapons and armaments are based on first-hand use. His knowledge of planes, from the earliest flying machine, is unsurpassed.

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    Scholar turned warrior

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 29/10/2012

    » Wars of succession harken back to earliest recorded history. Turning wives against husbands, sisters against brothers, aunts against nephews. The temptation to wear the crown and wield the power of the throne is greater than the blood ties that supposedly hold families together. If driven away by the monarchy becoming a republic, the royalists wait in exile to be summoned home by the acclamation of the populace.

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    Universal cheating

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 14/05/2012

    » Many of us profess to know it all, but do we? Not all of us, surely. And though there are among us who know a good deal, knowing it all is a bit much. Not even Aristotle or Da Vinci, Newton or Einstein were that brilliant.

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    What if JFK lived?

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 30/01/2012

    » There are two aspects to time travel, travelling to another time; making a change before returning to the starting point. That change leads to other changes and those to other changes still. HG Wells noted this in The Time Machine, Hollywood in its Back to The Future series.

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