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    Rules apply to rich and poor

    News, Apinya Wipatayotin, Published on 09/12/2019

    » Royal Forest Department director-general Atthaphon Charoenchansa grabbed headlines last week when he led RFD officials to file a formal complaint with police against Ratchaburi's Palang Pracharath MP, Pareena Kraikupt, for illegally occupying its 46-rai land for her poultry farm.

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    Going for a dip

    B Magazine, Published on 08/12/2019

    » Nam jeem (dipping sauce) has an incredibly strong influence on Thai food. But there is no explanation as to which sauce should be served with certain dishes. No rules exist when it comes to nam jeem.

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    Bizarre foods

    Guru, Published on 13/12/2019

    » Remember the nose-to-tail restaurant trend that took over the dining scene a few years ago? Newsflash, it ain't new. There have been restaurants all over the world, including Thailand, where nose-to-tail dishes have been the stars of the show for decades! Food enthusiast Luke Farrell and I embarked on a food journey to take you to places you may have or have not been, and may not even have heard of!

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    Be my guest

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 13/12/2019

    » Some arrived by boat, others by air. Some came when the British still ruled their homeland, others were driven by the bloodshed of The Partition. Some came with numerous gods, others with the one and only Allah. Some came from near Bombay, others from in and around Madras. Some came with the intention of returning, others arrived knowing that there was no going back.

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    Staying afloat on a sea of despair

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 13/12/2019

    » Chakra (Sarm Heng) is a Cambodian peasant boy who wants to escape a rural existence that offers him no future. "How's Thailand?" he asks a friend who returns from working at a construction site in Bangkok. "If you work hard, there's no problem," his friend assures him. Through trafficking agents, Chakra is smuggled across the border, but instead of being sent to a factory or a construction site, the boy is thrown onto a fishing trawler and forced to work without pay in conditions resembling a floating prison.

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    Don't call AI bigoted

    Life, James Hein, Published on 06/11/2019

    » Despite what some claim, Artificial Intelligence is not racist. Google built a system to detect hate speech or speech that exhibited questionable content. Following the rules given, it picked out a range of people with what some try to claim was a bias toward black people. Wrong. The AI simply followed the rules and a larger number of black people and some other minorities, as defined in the US, were found to be breaking those rules. It didn't matter to the machines that when one group says it, it isn't defined as hate speech by some; it simply followed the rules. People can ignore or pretend not to see rules, but machines don't work that way. What the exercise actually found was that speech by some groups is ignored while the same thing said by others isn't. As the saying goes, don't ask the question if you're not prepared to hear the answer.


    Emerging from obscurity: 2019's unforeseen history-makers

    AFP, Published on 04/12/2019

    » PARIS: Of the many people who made history in 2019, some surprised themselves and the world by emerging from obscurity to make their mark, though one remains anonymous for the time being -- "The Whistleblower" behind the impeachment probe into US President Donald Trump.

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    It's the end of the world and they know it

    Life, Tatat Bunnag, Published on 29/11/2019

    » Because the end of the world is a really, really big deal, the theme of the post-apocalyptic and dystopian world has been made into countless films over the decades, telling stories of world destruction, ecological disaster and civilisation collapse. And the story of a family bonding, surviving together through the darkest of times, is something any audience can relate to.


    Explore first, then innovate

    Business, Detlef Reis, Published on 27/11/2019

    » Are you a chief innovation officer planning projects for your company for the year ahead? Or are you a manager assigned to spearhead an innovation project in 2020? Or are you likely to be invited to take part in such a project as a team member? Whatever the case, make sure that you commit enough time to be able to produce meaningful results.


    Suu Kyi stands up to lawsuit avalanche

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 25/11/2019

    » Myanmar's top leaders -- both military and civilian -- have been shell-shocked by the avalanche of international legal cases they are now facing. In the space of days, three cases have been lodged in separate courts, all intended to make the Myanmar government and the country's military leaders accountable for the horrendous events that unfolded in strife-torn western Rakhine state during military operations over the last three years. These forced nearly a million Muslims, or Rohingya as they call themselves, to flee to safety in Bangladesh.

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