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    All that wasn't washed away

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 19/08/2012

    » At Koh Kret a Mon man points to a mark on the wall at the height of his head. "The water was here," he says of last October and November. "It was a bad time."


    It's time to meet the neighbours

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 15/07/2012

    » It vies for the title of most photogenic country on earth. Bigger than Thailand, with a similar size population, Myanmar has through years of international financial sanctions fallen behind the rest of the region in terms of influence and standing, with a military government that didn't tolerate threats to its authority. Nevertheless it has some of the region's most variegated scenery _ from mountain trekking to pristine beaches _ stunning temples and sites, delicious food, and the great sincerity and beauty of its people.


    'Asia's Vegas' more than bright lights

    Brunch, Ezra Kyrill Erker, Published on 13/05/2012

    » Mediterranean-style cobblestone squares. Chinese shophouses. Western brand outlets. Cantonese dim sum for brunch and galinha a Portuguesa (Portuguese-style chicken) for dinner. Sixteenth-century cathedrals and forts stand beside Chinese mansions and gardens, or temples thick with incense. Garish high-rise casinos and decrepit apartment blocks form a backdrop over narrow winding lanes along the old city walls _ a clash of tastes that mesmerises and disorients.

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