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    At your service

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 26/05/2014

    » Once reliant on export-oriented manufacturing to power their growth, major Asean economies are undergoing an evolutionary shift to the services sector. Evidenced by their increasing percentage share of GDP, services revenues and productivity have been the storyline for the region over the past several years.

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    Power of Prevention

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 02/06/2014

    » A surprisingly powerful earthquake struck northern Thailand and Myanmar last month, smashing windows, cracking walls, roads and damaging historical Buddhist temples. The impact could even be felt in Bangkok and Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. Several dozen people were hurt and a number of families were displaced.

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    No place like home

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 09/06/2014

    » As Asean strives toward greater economic success and competitiveness, intra-regional trade and investment play an integral role. More Southeast Asian companies are realising that it is in their best interest to have a regional footprint, but most of them are in manufacturing and services. Property developers generally stick to the home markets they know best.

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    Frontiers of medicine

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 06/05/2014

    » The introduction in Singapore of a promising new treatment for one of the most threatening forms of prostate cancer has underscored the city-state’s reputation as one of the world’s top medical research and treatment centres.

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    Set sail for growth

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 31/03/2014

    » Asia Pacific has a low number of cruise passengers relative to many other parts of the world, but that makes the growth prospects for the cruise industry all the more promising, given the surge in middle-income consumers with increasing purchasing power, say industry experts.

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    ‘Seeing is believing’

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 17/03/2014

    » Myanmar is undergoing a period of dramatic change on every front, and the tourism and hospitality sector has no exception. The industry is now considered one of the most important engines to create a new image for the country, with its people acting as ambassadors to promote and market invaluable and unexplored destinations.

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    Local knowledge and authenticity the keys to success

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 17/03/2014

    » Planeloads of foreign travellers are shaking up the tourism and hospitality sector in Myanmar. Local hoteliers and tour operators must adapt to meet the coming boom and possible higher competition for international investors, who also aim to chase after the big inflow of tourism dollars.

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    Listening to leaders

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 22/04/2013

    » As the CEO of the multinational executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles, Mr Kevin Kelly possesses an uncanny ability to match qualified candidates with the best careers possible. And at a time when Asia is on its rise, he aspires to be part of the dynamic change, hunting for the right executives to lead Asian organisations that are now expanding to the rest of the world.

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    King of coffee

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 14/01/2013

    » When most people think of coffee they do not usually think of Vietnam. Few realise that the Southeast Asian nation last year surpassed Brazil as the world’s biggest coffee exporter. However, almost all of the output is low-quality robusta beans with high caffeine content, used mostly to make instant coffee.

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    Regional food security priorities sharpened

    Asia focus, Nithi Kaveevivitchai, Published on 03/09/2012

    » “We’ve always known that what gets measured, gets done,” said Carl Lukach, the president of DuPont East Asia, offering a few numbers to concentrate people’s minds.

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