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    Bye Bye Bangkok Stonehenge

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 22/02/2013

    » Failed solution to Bangkok traffic problem, eyesore reminder of wasted money & corrupt politicians, finally immortalized as street art.

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    Story-telling with Google Street View

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 11/06/2012

    » It is fun telling people about things you really know and with Google Street View you can actually show them what you are talking about. Follow along as I take my trip to work.

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    Asean labour market for IT professionals

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 28/09/2011

    » The borders between Asean countries will begin to disappear for skilled computer workers starting in 2015.

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    Thai-Burma deep sea port project

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 12/11/2010

    » The project to connect Thailand to a deep sea port at Dawei in Burma has been in the planning stages for a long time.

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    Hollywood's magnetic tourism appeal

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 19/07/2011

    » New tourism routes follow the action in blockbuster Hangover 2, so powerful is the hypnotic effect on tourists.

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    Solar power in Ayutthaya

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 08/06/2011

    » The first 3 megawatt electricity generating solar farm of a 100 megawatt project is now operating and selling electricity. Wind power and biomass are next.

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    Thai engineer teaching at MIT

    Published on 09/05/2011

    » At age 28 this Thai engineer has one impressive resume: PhD petroleum engineering, lead drilling engineer, manager at MIT's Geospatial Data Center.

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    Airport rail MAP could help travelers

    By chasgribbs, Created on: 14/12/2010, Last updated on: 20/02/2011

    » Nowhere do I, can I find a context map that shows the exact route of the new airport link and the exact location of the half dozen or so stops used by the city train service to and from the airport. Google maps has yet to come up with this info. Any other sources??

    • drake commented : e icon is the same as regular railway station and you can see the station names at higher magnification though not marked as 'airport link'. You can see the stations and the elevated rail clearly in satellite image mode if you zoom in close enough. Practically, the City Line runs on top of the ground 'Eastern Rail Line' starting at PhayaThai BTS station and follow it down Makkasan then Petchburi Road toward HW 7/31 Chonburi New Line motor way. Don't bother with their 'map' page for reference ( ... 1_map.html) The dweebs got some of the landmark completely backwards @! <update> So, now it's 2 weeks later and they had "fixed" the maps on the page I mentioned above. The locations are now correct and marked as 'airport link' in English on the new set of maps. But the rest of the landmarks, streets, and station names are all in Thai.....

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