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    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 26/07/2019

    » If you missed out on Crash Team Racing aka CTR back on the PS1 then man, you missed a lot. Crash Bandicoot was already an iconic character in the PS1 days and CTR came along and gave us even more fun to be had with Crash and his friends and foes, eventually becoming a beloved title, so much so that until now the debate rages on whether Mario Kart or CTR is the best kart racing game. You have no idea how many hours I've spent playing the kart game either by myself or split-screen with friends (because split-screen was the only way to do multiplayer back then. Dang, I'm old). You can imagine then just how excited I was when they announced CTR: Nitro-Fueled. In the vein of the previously released Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy, this game remasters CTR and brings back to our childhood days. But it's not all just about nostalgia.

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    'Mario Kart 8' adds insane anti-grav sections

    AFP Relax News, Published on 13/06/2013

    » Given starters' orders for a spring 2014 launch, "Mario Kart 8" blends advancements made in "Mario Kart Wii" and the 3DS's "Mario Kart 8" with tricks from a couple of other recent kart racers.

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    Microsoft's 'Forza Motorport 5' moves toward realism

    AFP Relax News, Published on 14/06/2013

    » With a stunning level of visual detail and the widest ever selection of cars, which for this edition extends to Formula One and IndyCar open-wheel racers as well as the world's most beautiful supercars, the racing simulator series has taken another giant step towards realism, Drivatars not withstanding.

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    'Real Racing 3' trailer: multiplayer is a go

    AFP Relax News, Published on 05/02/2013

    » Portable motor racer "Real Racing 3" has what developer Firemonkey is describing as "Time Shifted Multiplayer", which uses AI control to ape the behavior of real human racers, meaning that players can "race anyone, anytime, even if they're offline."

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    Trailer released for racing game 'GRID 2'

    AFP Relax News, Published on 12/02/2013

    » Encased within the first teaser trailer for motor racing game "GRID 2" is around seven seconds worth of driving footage, but it's enough to get a glimpse of where the game's at.

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    Sail around the world on your sofa

    AFP, Published on 17/11/2012

    » Hundreds of thousands of internet gamers are currently up at all hours as they take part in a virtual version of the ultimate endurance sailing experience, the round-the-world single-handed yacht race the Vendee Globe.

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    'Need For Speed' promo drives viewers toward release-day play

    AFP, Published on 26/09/2012

    » It's certainly got the pedigree to succeed, with studio Criterion veteran of the Need for Speed and Burnout series, but Need for Speed: Most Wanted's latest trailer trades not on past glories but immediate race action.

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    Six of the best motor racing games for the Paris Motor Show enthusiast

    AFP, Published on 02/10/2012

    » Thirst for racing thrills whetted by this year's French celebration of the car, the Mondial de l'Automobile (September 29 - October 14)? Then check out our list of recommended racing games, from Gran Turismo 5 and Forza Horizon to Mario Kart and Enviro-Bear.

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    'Need for Speed: Most Wanted' trailer introduces Most Wanted List

    AFP, Published on 09/10/2012

    » Ten elite drivers lurk throughout Fairhaven City, and it's up to Need for Speed: Most Wanted's players to find them, beat them, and then take their cars down.

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    Sony begins making amends for PSN hack

    AFP, Published on 04/06/2011

    » Sony on Friday began offering free videogames and virtual goods to members of its PlayStation Network in a bid to make amends for hackers breaking into the online entertainment service.

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