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    Tremendous trombone

    Life, Harry Rolnick, Published on 30/01/2018

    » 'Never look directly at a trombone player," said the great composer Richard Strauss. "It only encourages them." Then again, the German composer was hardly being honest about an instrument which Felix Mendelssohn called "the most sacred and noble instrument in the orchestra".

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    Violin prodigy and the great Czech spirit

    Life, Harry Rolnick, Published on 12/07/2016

    » The entire concert of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra on July 24 will be devoted to an interval of seven years and a single Central European country. But what emotional years they were! And what inspiration came out of what we now know as the Czech Republic.

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    Father and son, in perfect harmony

    Life, Harry Rolnick, Published on 26/04/2016

    » After five generations of Bachs and the father-son duo of Johann Strauss, the idea of musical families is hardly rare. But the team of Vladimir and Vovka Ashkenazy -- who will be appearing in Bangkok on May 14 -- is truly singular. After all, Vladimir is more than well known. He is one of the finest pianists living today, is a widely-acclaimed conductor and his life is the stuff of adventure movies. Vovka, the son of Vladimir and his Icelandic-born wife, is already gaining an international reputation as a pianist. And his transcriptions of classical music have been recorded and lauded on record and in the concert hall.

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    Inside Beethoven's universe

    Life, Harry Rolnick, Published on 02/08/2016

    » If the "Beethoven Gala" on Aug 11 proves nothing else, it will show that there was never "one" Beethoven. The scowling, misanthropic personality, the irresponsible debtor running from countless irate Viennese landlords was also the man who created his own universe of emotional and arousing music.

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    A mix of musical temperaments

    Life, Harry Rolnick, Published on 20/02/2018

    » The three composers for the next Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, on Feb 28, could not be more dissimilar personally — or more alike historically.

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