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    Does thai society accept intermarriages?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 19/09/2003, Last updated on: 09/05/2006

    » The thai men that are undesirable are usually uneducated ones who try to get through life by being sleazy. This is why alot of thai women are turned off by marrying a thai man. Typical thai males are fairly unambitious, narrow-minded, and judgemental. I think that its the society that is teaching...

    • Anonymous commented : est, but the 'katoeys' or gay queens of the thai male population. 'Coming out of the closet has never been a more dynamic event as that of thai society in the past couple of years. Even the media is seen portraying thai 'kotoeys' as super athletic 'sport freak' in the volleyball movie hit that *gasps* is popular enough to have sequals! Even in thai movies, shows ans soap operas, it is not unusual to have queer characters who are neither men nor women, yet quite assertive in an entirely different sort of genre. Too often, they are portrayed as the deeply emotional character, the ridicously farcical and buffoon character, or the yak that is outspoken to the point of abrasiveness. The point I'm trying to make is that thai male masculity is very tough to exert these days when there are all these queer creatures in thai society allowed to go on a rampant, with the help of a highly dysfunctional media sector. These portrayals are deeply engraining to the vulnerbale female population that hasn't even the slightest clue of what their male counterparts are getting into.. How could we blame them?

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    British Embassy in Bangkok

    By Anonymous, Created on: 05/10/2004, Last updated on: 25/02/2011

    » In March, my Thai partner wanted to visit me in London. Before granting a visa, the Embassy wanted a mountain of paperwork including proof of my income, whether or not I woned my own home and a whole lot of other things. At this stage, I have to say that we have many controversial issues in the UK...

    • Anonymous commented : In today's Bangkok Post (hard copy) letter's page is a missive from a British guy (who is married to a Thai lady) about Ken Bigley who has just been killed by kidnappers in Iraq. British Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke to Ken Bigley's family in the UK and Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw went to see Ken Bigley's family in the UK to offer condolenses from the government and the Queen sent a letter of condolenses to Ken Bigley's mother. No one on an, official level, has said anything to Ken Bigley's Thai wife, Sombat Bigley !!! I know how I feel about the prospect of my government treating my wife in that same way. My heart goes out to her in her loss and I must admit that I am ashamed of the way my government has ignored her in her loss.

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    thai divorce and property law

    By Anonymous, Created on: 21/02/2005, Last updated on: 16/01/2006

    » I'm a U.S. citizen and married to a thai guy in U.S., he has nothing in U.S. but business ownership, land and bank accounts in thailand. our baby is going to be U.S. citizen, i want to know, is it true by law that he told me that i cannot co-own any business, land or bank account of his? what can...

    • Anonymous commented : less she wants to live like a queen. Yes, the US Embassy will look at her as a prostitute. Most kareoke bar is where the middle-class local guys go drink, sing, dance, and pick-up girls. These girls are not officially prostitutes, but they are free to go out with customers to make extra-money on their free times like topless bars in USA. He would not have to worry about divorcing her since Thai marriage does not apply in USA unless she bring the case to US court. It would become problem if he decided to marry another Thai girl in Thailand. I would recommend that he should not register his marriage in Thailand again. I doubt that she will get a fiance visa if she tells US Embassy that she worked at a kareoke bar.

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    Buying property in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 17/02/2006, Last updated on: 11/11/2011

    » Nothing much to say here is there, i think that IAN has told us all there is to know and believe me.......... .he's right.

    • Anonymous commented : REAL ESTATE / PRIME DOWNTOWN BANGKOK SITE British embassy completes sale of nine-rai plot to Central The British government yesterday completed the sale of part of its Bangkok embassy compound on Phloen Chit Road to the Central Group, the country's largest retail operator. The price of the prized nine-rai plot to Central affiliate Tiang Chirathivat Real Estate Co was not disclosed but industry experts estimated it at three billion baht. Central edged Land & Houses Plc, the country's largest residential developer, in the contest to acquire the site. The company wants to turn the plot into a shopping area, serviced apartments or a hotel and entertainment anchor to complement its nearby Central Chidlom store. Intense competition in the retail business in Bangkok's central business district has driven Central to seek ways to build on its existing businesses, which are now constrained by limited space, according to industry analysts. Central executives declined to comment on the deal, but the British Embassy said yesterday it was the largest-ever property sale by the Foreign Office. The historic residence, the embassy and the "green character" of the compound would be preserved, it said. About 11 million (770 million baht) of the proceeds will fund redevelopment of the remainder of the compound, including new staff accommodation, recreational facilities, remodelling of the embassy offices and security work. The embassy said that the 32.3-rai compound, purchased in 1922, was larger than needed. It said the land sold was the most polluted and noisiest part of the compound, next to the six-lane Phloen Chit Road and the BTS skytrain. The War Memorial and statue of Queen Victoria would be moved to appropriate sites near the residence, officials said.

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    Getting Married In Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 26/03/2006, Last updated on: 23/10/2007

    » Some advise please. I met my thai gf on way back to UK from travels in April 2004. I have been back in Thailand several times and she visited England last year. We meet on webcam every week and always in touch with each other. I have been to meet her family at her home town in Issan and we plan...

    • Anonymous commented : s to mind ,also the song from queen ''AND ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST" regards ,colin

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    Sin sod and in-law

    By Anonymous, Created on: 13/09/2006, Last updated on: 25/12/2008

    » I supported my gf through colleage and Uni (her parents are not rich), now that she has graduated, i wanted to marry her. But her parents are asking for 1Mil Baht for dowry. I had the money through hard earned savings (i am just a salaried worker), but i find the dowry excessive. I am afraid this...

    • Anonymous commented : an ex TV star, model, beauty queen and college graduate so this sited as one of the reasons it was set so high. I am not rich but I could come with the money without too much difficulty. If I had of married an English girl over in the UK I doubt the total cost would have been less considering the high cost of everything in the UK. Anyhow we are both very happy. She has landed a marketing job with an airline and is contributing to housing costs etc. We are also looking into starting a Thai style business which I could certainly not do without her. So notwithstanding emotional considerations it does not seem a poor investment to me.

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    To all foreign embassies, Visa to Thai born children

    By Anonymous, Created on: 09/11/2006, Last updated on: 28/01/2007

    » Thesedays many Thai born children brought by their mother to foreign husbands in foreign lands are reportedly dumped or seriously abused, mentally and physically, All embassies must report immediately to Thai authority, of any visa applications of Thai born children. Thai authority must not issue...

    • Anonymous commented : To American Embassy, The embassy consulates muct be extremely careful to check why so many Thai females want to go to USA. The prospects to go, seems so many unnecessary or prematured divorses to be expedited today. Many of 'successful Thai female entries into USA are the direct triggers to call more entries as some of them turn to be "marriage agents" or at least, "successful cases of Thai female". They spread the complete faked stories like "They are treated by new husband like Cinderella" or " Queen" and enjoy everyday shopping like rich Madam Smith. Also they spread rumours that all adopted children enjoy "free education with English" and educated like "The upper class of Bangkok poeple".

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    will she be allowed into the u.k ??????

    By Anonymous, Created on: 07/05/2007, Last updated on: 24/08/2007

    » HI all, new to this site,i will cut it short.... My Thai girl is pregnant about 8 weeks,i am intending to marry her but i am still married at mo , i am going through a divorce which should take about 3/4 mths. I have read that you can't marry a thai girl for 310 days if previously married, unless...

    • Anonymous commented : song by the rock group "queen" and another one bites the dust ,regards, colin .

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    Thai Marriage Laws

    By Anonymous, Created on: 18/05/2007, Last updated on: 11/08/2010

    » I am trying to understand why Westerners living and married to Thai nationals are denied permanent residency status once they are legally married in the kingdom. In the west a Thai national receives residency once they are officially married to a western citizen. Procedures are followed and intensive...

    • mele.nani commented : If we look at what has happened to Hawaii perhaps the Thai laws can be seen in some perspective. Hawaii was a kingdom and a monarchy. It was self sustaining. Conservation and proper respect for natural resources was vital to survival so it was embedded into the culture. It was not a perfect world but no place is perfect. After Western contact, more and more of the land was taken over by white men. They brought in commerce, trade, new materials and many activities which made Honolulu a bustling city. They also brought disease that decimated the population. The missionaries came and took power. They rationalized it by saying the heathens needed to know Christ and that the antiquated ancient laws that protected the land and water rights were inhibiting the growth of business. Thus came the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom with the use of US military forces. Hawaiians have been degraded and driven off the lands. Their lifestyles that depended on gathering, farming and hunting were replaced by industry. This is progress? Who did it serve? Yes. There were also good things brought here. If the Hawaiian nation still controlled the land and water, Hawaii would be a thriving community based on Hawaiian values. Hawaiians were an inclusive Kingdom. Many farang were citizens of Hawaii. These very citizens, who changed the laws to introduce the concept of private ownership of lands were the ones to overthrow the monarchy and lock Queen Liliuokalani in prison. Sugar barons tried to "employ" Hawaiians by tying them up like oxen to pull wagons. They built clubs exclusive only to whites, they ruled the land. Hawaiian became servants in their own country. Other nationalities came here as servants, contract workers to serve farangs. Grumble all you like but Thailand is wise to keep control of its resources. If you want another analogy look at the Native American Indians. There is a sad history there. What about New Zealand Maoris and Australian Aborigines? People have lost their land, culture, and dignity because of opportunistic greed. I am not saying you are all opportunistic, but you are in Thailand for reasons. Only you know what they are. Make a difference rather than complaining that the laws should change. You want the laws to change so that they suit you. You want things to be structured to serve your needs. Thailand should control ownership of lands, culture and religion or Thais will be foreigners in their own country. You can help. Educate your children and help the country out of its poverty, generation by generation. Be mindful of your actions. You can take ownership of your place in communities by participating in the empowerment of the poor.

    • sundayjam commented : an style kingdom. The first queen of these united island kingdoms converted to Christianity as it served herself and her people to do so. The father of modern China, Dr.Sun Yat Sen was educated at Iolani, an Anglican school established in the islands at the request of the king and queen of Hawaii. The Iolani schools are still prominent educators of Hawaii's children. A native Hawaiian trust owns and operates the RICHEST private school in the USA, Kamehameha. It's soul purpose is to provide the best education for all native Hawaiian children. Consequently, native Hawaiians are both economically and politically powerful.

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