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    Mind your passwords

    Life, James Hein, Published on 25/01/2017

    » Google, Facebook and Apple are the names of a few companies working on artificial intelligence (AI). I don't mean the kind of AI that simply teaches machines to be useful to humans, though that is also being done everywhere. I mean the self-aware kind. After so long at it I think the bigger organisations are locked in a series of dead end paths. Instead, I predict the first breakthroughs will come from small, even one-man operations thinking outside the cube. As an aside, when it comes to the search giants like Google or Yahoo and social media sites like Facebook, they all have their biases so the results you see may not be all that comprehensive, balanced or accurate.


    Unconcerned China hacks the iCloud

    Life, James Hein, Published on 29/10/2014

    » Apple was temporarily enthused that their iPhone 6 was going on sale in China since this has been a reasonable marketplace for them in the past. Then it was reported that China state-supported hackers were actively implementing a so-called man-in-the-middle attack against Apple's iCloud which would give them access to people in China trying to connect to the server. This attack replaces the certificate used by the customer and allows monitoring of user names, passwords and activity.


    Growth slows in IT sector

    Life, James Hein, Published on 14/08/2013

    » As predicted, and has now been confirmed by the IDC, the IT market is tightening up. China has slowed its spending and the knock-on effects will impact everywhere. There will still be growth, but not as much as there was in 2012. The figures look likely to come in below earlier projections but, given that a tenth of a percent equates to tens of billions of dollars, even a small change can mean large sums of money not appearing in the market.


    Google's Ingress to the real world

    Life, James Hein, Published on 17/04/2013

    » There is a new game for Android mobile users called Ingress. It is from Google and based on their popular Google Maps. The game requires you to get out of the lounge and into the real world. It is already being played in Bangkok but is in closed beta mode until the end of April. You'll need a Google+ Community account, sensible shoes, patience and time. You play on one of the two sides doing battle for control and if you want to know more go to I'm playing on the side of the Enlightened that is doing well in Bangkok but as I write this the Resistance is currently winning worldwide. Watch out for spies!

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