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    Green thumb

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 17/05/2019

    » Maybe a few of us have forgotten the smog that engulfed us in the beginning of the year, making leaving the house a game of "to choke or not to choke". Now it is the scorching heat that seems to be worse than before. While short-term solutions do a little to elevate, we know that the root of the problem is climate change. If we don't take action now, it's going to get worse later. Bangkok has its share of eco-problems whether it's pollution or waste, but instead of listing them, we can figure out ways of how we can help, even in small doses. And technology has made this easier. Guru has listed a few of the best apps in the climate change business to help you help the environment.

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    Modern love

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 08/02/2019

    » It's almost that time of the year again when couples come out of their love nests in droves as they celebrate St Valentine's Day. This usually means that restaurants all over the city will be filled with couples celebrating the Day of Love (or Day of IDGAF -- depending on how you see it). This year, dare to be different. We at GURU are issuing you a challenge: do better. Well, it's not exactly a challenge since we're telling you what you can do, but if you want a different Valentine's Day experience then we've got you covered. (PS If you're not the risk-taker we think you are, turn a few pages to see our picks of where to eat on this day of love).

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    Sexy looks and pure sound

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 30/11/2018

    » Wireless is where everything is headed nowadays which kinda proves Apple made the right move doing away with the headphone jack on their phones (although it should be noted I am begrudgingly admitting that). Obviously, it's not just headphones people are trying to become wireless but within the realm of music, speakers are also shifting to become untethered. It's a little ironic because in way it brings back that classic boombox portability so you can have your own little recreation of that iconic John Cusack scene from Say Anything. There's a wide variety of wireless speakers on the market now, but Vifa is aiming to cater to the high-end market. While high-end does mean costing more dough, the questions remains whether these speakers are worth your dime.

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    Festive feasting

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 15/12/2017

    » This festive holiday season is upon us, and that means Christmas shopping, giving, receiving gifts, and a whole lot of eating coming our way. While the malls glisten in sparkling lights and towering Christmas trees loom over our heads, festivities are never complete without a proper feast. Sure, you can go for a home-cooked meal, but perhaps you're a noob or simply a disaster in the kitchen; maybe no one in the family really cooks or maybe you just want to do something different and make this year extra special. Since all of you know that we here at Guru care very much about you, our dear readers, we have taken it upon ourselves this week to give you what we consider our Christmas gift. So from us -- the wacky crew that's currently rushing to meet deadlines so we actually enjoy the holidays -- and from the bottom of our hearts, we present to you a list of places where you can feast this holiday season. Loose pants recommended.

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    I'm turning Japanese

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 01/12/2017

    » The setting: 72 Courtyard is not a stranger to restaurants and foodie destinations. There's a number of choices for you depending on what you're craving for and one of them is called Lucky Fish. This Japanese fusion resto, which recently revamped its menu, is on the ground floor on the left at the very front of 72 Courtyard and is designed to give off a subtle modern Japanese vibe. You can choose to dine and drink over at the bar or perhaps in one of the open air tables where you can pity those stuck in Thong Lor traffic. If you don't feel a strong Japanese vibe from the aesthetics (which we think is something they weren't going for anyway) then the food will definitely change your mind.

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    Of land and sea

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 13/10/2017

    » <b>The Setting:</b> Off the main busy road of Ekkamai lies a haven of Mediterranean goodness that goes by the name of Pesca Mar & Terra Bistro. Freshly opened and only three weeks old, Pesca is handled by the same people who manage Cocotte. The aesthetic feel and ambiance Pesca gives off is very much like its cuisine. And if you're thinking that the space is similar to Cocotte's, we're glad to say that you're mistaken -- it's bigger. There's a whole section where the live seafood is displayed as well as a bread-and-cheese section which rivals the ones you typically see at hotels. There's also seating outside where the bar and the live plancha are located. Unless there's really heavy rain, it's still possible to sit outside. But wherever you choose to sit, you get lost and somehow leave Bangkok behind because you genuinely think you're dining at some seaside restaurant off the coast of Spain. Mediterranean is the cuisine, but Pesca's got the Mediterranean feel for their restaurant down to a tee.

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    Heading nowhere

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 22/09/2017

    » <b>The setting:</b> Nestled six floors above busy Ekkamai sits Nowhere. The restaurant immediately gives off a chilled and homey vibe the minute you walk in. The windows offer a great view despite the fact that the restaurant is not that high off the ground and also gives patrons a front-row seat for sunsets, which we reckon is the reason why they open at 5pm on weekdays.

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