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    Dishing up for the down and outs

    News, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 31/01/2015

    » It was a chilly Monday night as the homeless gathered in front of City Hall. Some languidly drifted around while others tucked themselves away in secluded corners of nearby concrete buildings to escape the wind.


    Not just bubbles and fizz

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 20/03/2014

    » No summer is complete without a cool drink. A sip of cool water can help us beat the heat and quench our thirst. However, for children, water is sometimes not enough.


    Sweet hazard

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 25/03/2014

    » Actor and TV host Kanchai Kamnerdploy understands how bad the situation can be for the whole family when a member is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.


    Reducing running injuries

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 04/03/2014

    » Jogging has become a popular workout among urban dwellers as evidenced by the dozens of annual races in Bangkok.

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    Boys will be boys

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 14/01/2014

    » Unpleasant stories about men's aggression and violence towards their family members continue to surface. And violent behaviour can be assimilated through the family environment as children grow up. Boys who witness or even fall victim to domestic violence tend to use violence to deal with problems.


    Braving the elements

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 19/11/2013

    » The drop in temperature especially towards the end of the year brings with it not just the cool morning breeze but also the sound of people sneezing. From the beginning of November in particular, the unfamiliar weather makes people more susceptible to illnesses.


    Invisible Danger

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 03/12/2013

    » It's in brake pads which help drivers avoid a crash. It's in fire protective clothing which protects firemen during their potentially dangerous work. It's used in the production of cement roof sheets which shield us against rain and sunlight. Asbestos _ a naturally occurring mineral _ is found in several parts of our daily life.

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    New Mahidol unit to focus on sensory science

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 10/12/2013

    » The scent of freshly baked biscuits or cakes wafting from the kitchen gives us an urge to try some. The sight of a hamburger may cause us to lovingly recall the textures and flavours of the various ingredients and make our mouths water. And first impressions can be negative, too _ the unattractive look of oyster shells and the intensely salty smell of the sea they give off may put off some people and deter them from sampling this delectable shellfish for the first time.


    Move It!

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 05/11/2013

    » If there is one thing that we could do to improve our health and wellbeing, it is exercise. We have often been told that physical activity is good for both body and mind.

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    Carbs and calories

    Life, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 27/08/2013

    » The recent reports concerning the poor quality of rice from certain local suppliers may have encouraged some people who are worried about food safety to look for alternative sources of carbohydrate.

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