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    Where eagles rest

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 06/10/2017

    » In Latin, aquila is the word for that majestic creature that we all know as the eagle; a symbolic representation of magnificence and freedom the world over. You certainly do feel both magnificent and free when you're staying at the luxury rental villa this review is based upon. Currently a seven-bedroom but soon-to-be 10-bedroom private oceanfront villa located in the Millionaire's mile of Phuket, The Aquila is a feast for the eyes, mind, heart and soul. If your budget can handle it, there is nowhere we could recommend more for your next getaway. Read on to find out why!


    The sound effect

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 08/09/2017

    » With the number of independent films being made and an increasing number of recording artists taking the leap into the unknown without a label, knowledge about sound and how and where to best capture it becomes key. Luckily you're in the right country. Thailand is a production hub for Southeast Asia when it comes to film and now even more so, music. So, if you've written music for a video, a movie, a music album or you've got this song in your head that you always dreamed of recording... where do you go to turn such far-fetched notes into reality? You could of course do it yourself and start off at home! All you'd need is a condenser mic, a laptop and a few other bits of hardware (e.g. an audio interface, headphones, a MIDI keyboard) and software (Logic Pro or Ableton are some of many) and you'd be well on your way. Or you could go to the professionals, who would have all the gear at your disposal as well as the know-how to see your visions turn into reality. We decided to investigate some of the city's existing recording studios to see what they have to offer in the way of making music.


    Sunshine in Saigon

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 09/06/2017

    » Saigon is a city filled with history and rich in culture, a lot of which, as you may or may not know, is found in district five, AKA Saigon's Chinatown. You've got temples, churches, mosques, herbal shops, fabric streets, art streets, markets and more.


    A poetic city getaway

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 14/04/2017

    » You're a hard-working city dweller who doesn't have time to drive two hours out of Bangkok to get that much deserved rest and relaxation you're craving. You probably haven't even realised you need to take a break; all those long nights at the office have just morphed into one long humdrum existence. You've also probably completely forgotten the meaning of wellness. Well, if you have, please, let Guru remind you.


    Goin' boutique, bae!

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 24/03/2017

    » Hotels, especially ones in Thailand, are so predictable. You've got luxury, standardised great service, on-point spas and bloody brilliant massages pouring out of your ears, if you've lived here long enough, that is. The service and attention to detail is not this good anywhere else. But, with all the Mariotts, the Hiltons, the Shangrilas and the Novotels... it can get boring. They're great and all but honey... sometimes you just gotta go boutique.


    Halloween in Hong Kong

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 07/10/2016

    » Alright, October is upon us. It's time to drop the H word. H... well hell, a month ago we would have hated saying it! Truth is, we were never really the biggest fans of the tooth decaying celebration Americans call Halloween. And let's be honest, these days, the majority don't dress up in the true spirit of the occasion; it's blatantly become more about how many people you can impress with that rocking hot bod. Come on, admit it. You can't lie to Guru.


    The two-day getaway

    Guru, Catherine Faulder, Published on 13/05/2016

    » Confession: nowadays, I get anxious when it comes to taking holidays. They've become so hi-so, and if they're not luxury-laden then they're not worth taking, apparently. You end up spending more time appearing to enjoy yourself in your photos than actually enjoying yourself. And usually you end up experiencing the exact opposite of what you intended: rest and relaxation. Hah -- more like mess and frustration!

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