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    Safe surfing with a VPN

    Life, James Hein, Published on 27/08/2014

    » So how safe is your surfing? Not the water, board and shark kind, but what you do on the web. Sitting in front of your computer you will either have your own internet protocol (IP) address or be assigned one as part of a pool that is doled out by your internet service provider (ISP). Somewhere between you and the rest of the internet will be a domain name server (DNS) that knows how to get a message from out there back to you and vice versa. Or to put it another way, they know where you are.


    True cost of mining Bitcoin

    Life, James Hein, Published on 28/03/2018

    » Should you Bitcoin? Short answer in the past yes, now not so much. I've mentioned Bitcoins in previous articles and modern mining, which is how you get them, has driven up the price of graphics processors in recent times. Can you make any money using your spare GPU cycles on your PC? Answering that question is not as simple you might think, despite what a mining application may tell you. It depends on how powerful your GPU is, what the price of Bitcoin is that week and things like how much you pay for your power because you will be using more. The process works by maximising the power of your GPU, using more electricity than for regular use and keeping your PC hotter than usual 24/7. Mining works by solving complex maths equations for the blockchain which over time takes longer and longer and more processing power.


    It's time for an overhaul

    Life, James Hein, Published on 24/04/2013

    » So the question of the next big thing seems to be, why would you need to have a watch and a phone? I have noticed that most of the younger generation, the ones with a smartphone, don't have a watch because the time is prominently displayed on the phone. One simple answer might be that a watch is still useful for when your hands are full, or swimming underwater, or when you are doing something that doesn't include pockets.


    Court's Apple ruling sure to be appealed

    Life, James Hein, Published on 05/09/2012

    » The big news in the mobile-phone and tablet marketplace is the US-centric Apple win against Samsung in the United States. Many people regard this decision as ridiculous and think that it highlights how mercenary and capitalist Apple has become.

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    The importance of preparing for disaster

    Database, James Hein, Published on 02/06/2010

    » After the recent events in Bangkok, I suspect many companies will be considering the issue of a disaster recovery plan. Anyone who has received formal training in project management will be familiar with this term, but it has been my experience that many organisations ignore this aspect of project management and that of risk management in general when building up their businesses.

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