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    Betting the farm

    Spectrum, Angus Mitchell, Published on 20/10/2013

    » Whether it's an agreement that the loser buys the next round before the billiard balls are broken, a Super Bowl or FA Cup office pool, or practising your poker face during a game of Texas hold'em with the guys, gambling is well integrated into the fabric of societies around the world. While betting a little money during any of these pastimes can add a bit of excitement to a sporting or recreational event, they are all illegal in Thailand. Loser buys the drinks? In Thailand, even the winner can go to jail.



    Spectrum, Angus Mitchell, Published on 03/11/2013

    » To wrap up our series of articles on gambling, this week we will look at the law in practise, and see how it is applied to real-world situations. Regular readers will recall that gambling in Thailand is regulated by the Gambling Act and its implementing legislation. The act prohibits betting on games of chance or skill unless the organiser possesses a licence or an exemption has been made where a licence is not required. It is not required for promoters to display their licence when hosting an event. However, most organisers do so as the knowledge that a gambling event is sanctioned by the government and is therefore legal, and would be an obvious marketing drawcard for participants. In practice, if you don't see a licence prominently displayed, it would be wise to check with the organiser as to the legal status of the event.

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