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    Going viral

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 03/09/2013

    » When Hollywood couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones announced a split last week after 13 years of marriage to "evaluate" their relationship, for some people thoughts turned to human papillo-mavirus (HPV). Two months earlier, Douglas had made comments about his throat cancer, saying that it had been caused by the virus and was contracted from oral sex. He later clarified this, saying he did not contract it from Zeta-Jones and media outlets have reported that it was likely a pre-existing infection.


    Making a splash

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 27/12/2012

    » Johnson Ong can be described as anything from "complete package" and "good catch" to "boyfriend material". Start with his body and brain to his infectious smile and a talent for spinning music, Ong is famously known as "DJ Big Kid" who is much admired in gay circles in the region and elsewhere as the creator of tribal, progressive music.


    Snapshot of the past

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 12/07/2012

    » Myanmar has been in the news a lot lately. Most of the reports have been good (save for the violence in Rakhine) and that's cause for celebration given the upcoming Asean Economic Community everyone is excited about. And yet, our close neighbour remains an elusive country. We want to learn more about the place, and if we can't do it physically, at least we can look at photographs.


    Pride of Songkran

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 26/04/2012

    » The Songkran Festival this year saw a most exciting activity: Bangkok playing host to the biggest assembly of gay men in town. No, I'm not talking about the Lady Gaga concert, but the SK6 annual Songkran party put together by gCircuit that was the talk of the town.


    Jitti Chompee jumps in the deep end

    Life, Yanapon Musiket, Published on 02/05/2012

    » After his daring choreography based on a film by queer author Jean Genet, choreographer Jitti Chompee returns with a new production that continues to develop his interest in creating art from homoerotic literature.

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