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    Key challenges for 2015

    Business, Post Reporters, Published on 05/01/2015

    » Thais are hopeful that the Year of the Goat will be an easier and more prosperous one than the rough and bumpy Year of the Horse. 

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    Towering infernos?

    News, Postbag, Published on 28/06/2017

    » In the wake of the Grenfell inferno, British authorities tested the eternal cladding (panels widely used to insulate buildings and improve their appearance) of 60 high-rise apartment buildings for the required fire resistance (BP, June 27).

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    Reform the police

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 06/07/2012

    » Illegal gambling dens only most visible form of police corruption, the underground economy which police profit from is 20% of the economy.

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    Floods: Foreign investment in Thailand

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 26/12/2011

    » Before the floods Thailand regained its position among the top 20 foreign investment destinations. Dealing with investor flood concerns, now key to the future.

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    300 baht minimum daily wage

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 03/02/2012

    » 300 baht minimum daily wage policy starts on April 1st & with up to 40% wage increases many companies worry. Last ditch legal effort to stop policy.

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    The Value of a Tourist.

    By Sean Moran, Created on: 18/01/2009, Last updated on: 15/12/2010

    » What are some of the most common positive and negative results of foreign tourists from overseas visiting Thailand? Thai opinions welcome, kap.

    • tmvolunteer commented : he last couple of years, with political turmoil and students and parents only worry about their immediate financial situation. For politicians and the rich, the education system is way back in the line of improvement. The politicians are too busy defending themselves from accusations from the opposition, and the rich are not interested in educating people, they would probably lose their gardener, driver, house maids and so on, if the Thai people were to be properly educated. Tourism is not the highest income source for Thailand but most tourists think that it is, and it often shows in their behavior towards Thailand and its people. Often I see tourists behaving in a manner that makes me think "would they behave like this back home?" and I know that they wouldn't. Where has the respect for each other disappeared to? Wherever it is, I hope that it comes back to us soon. Maybe respect has become a filthy rich tourist too. The true value of today's tourist = $$$. Send a genuine smile to 10 people today and tomorrow will be a happier day.

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