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    The late, late show

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 13/06/2016

    » Normally prime time for television is 8-11pm or thereabouts, the period when the family gathers to watch news and series while having dinner. So it will come as a surprise to many that for Muslim audiences during this month of Ramadan, prime time for television is closer to a graveyard shift -- 3-4.30am, deep in the night while most people are asleep -- as families wake up for the pre-dawn meal before a full day of fasting.

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    Jatuporn: Suthep proposal 'unlawful'

    Published on 10/05/2014

    » Any attempt by the Supreme Court and the Senate to discuss "unlawful" demands for an interim government could steer Thailand toward a civil war, says the head of the red-shirt movement.

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    THE BIG ISSUE: Safety restraints

    Alan Dawson, Published on 16/12/2012

    » The road to national reconciliation has become the most divisive issue of the day, but a couple of small cracks appeared in the wall separating the country.

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    Close eye on Myanmar polls

    Achara Ashayagachat, Published on 30/03/2012

    » International and local observers are gearing up to monitor Sunday's byelections in Myanmar, where political canvassers were busy soliciting support in advance polling that began on Friday.

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