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    Choosing the right tools for the right successor

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 22/09/2016

    » In my article two weeks ago I discussed three steps for developing and sustaining a successful talent programme: creating a succession plan policy, identifying talent, and establishing a development programme. Today I would like to focus mainly on identifying talent, a subject on which many top executives sometimes have conflicting views.


    Using the 'Smart' model to achieve a vision

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 14/01/2016

    » 'We choose to go to the moon," US president John F. Kennedy declared in a speech about the future of the US space programme in September 1962. As a leader, he set out a vision that mankind as well as the American public would benefit from his ambitious plan. On July 20, 1969, Nasa finally landed the first man on the lunar surface.


    How mindfulness boosts effectiveness

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 07/09/2017

    » Kamchai is a senior executive who reports directly to the CEO of a major company and is responsible for the financial performance of a key business unit. His track record is second to none, which means he excels in both technical knowledge and the people skills required to get the job done.


    Maintaining growth with effective innovation

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 06/04/2017

    » Since human beings are always looking for new things in life, businesses should be very good at offering new products and services as well. The great dramatist George Bernard Shaw summed up the quest for the new this way: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."


    Change is permanent, so get it right

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 01/12/2016

    » The business world is a place where change is a fact of life. Corporations earn their living by offering products and services to attract consumers in the hope they will like and regularly consume them. On the other hand, consumers are continuously searching for the latest products to serve their changing needs. This restlessness or dissatisfaction with the status quo leads to high competition among businesses seeking to hold on to their customers.


    Ethical leadership is good for business and employees

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 23/02/2017

    » In recent years, there have been several high-profile cases in business and the public sector involving bribery, corruption and ethical breaches. The need for ethical leadership has been mentioned occasionally but it seems the problems have continued. In this regard, I wish to propose my views on the role of ethical leadership, particularly in business.


    Three simple steps towards an effective talent programme

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 08/09/2016

    » Imagine that you are the CEO of an organisation. Besides business performance, you have to take care of many important people issues, and succession planning for important positions is second to none in this respect. What most top executives and board members often forget or ignore is the importance of participation from all related parties. Everyone wants to have a say in this crucial process. As a CEO, it is your duty to ensure that all the executives concerned are involved.


    Learning from a New Year horror

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 12/01/2017

    » When asked about the main objective of manufacturing, participants in my leadership workshops usually reply with answers such as quality, on-time delivery, productivity, and so on. None of them ever says "safety", which in fact should be the first on the list.


    The most critical resource: 'not-so-talented' people

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 15/12/2016

    » Competition among businesses today is very high compared with a decade or so ago. The convergence of information technology and telecommunications has been a major driver of this phenomenon. As organisations embrace new technology and management practices, they find themselves dealing with new types of workers and top managers. Some are struggling to identify and groom rising stars in this new context. Luckily for them, there are a number of tools and procedures that have proved useful in identifying talent for future top management.


    The mindful path to better business decisions

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 24/03/2016

    » It is a hot day in New York. Twelve members of a jury have to decide the fate of a young man accused of killing his stepfather. Eleven are convinced of his guilt but one lone dissenter changes their opinions. Because of his mindful manner and skill at persuading his peers to examine the evidence without prejudice, the defendant is declared not guilty.

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