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    When your house is not a home

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 02/11/2014

    » Many expats have conflicting views of the difference between domicile and residence. One school of thought is that they are easily interchangeable, not realising the impact this may have when they die. The vast majority do not understand that probate will have a significant effect on the administration of their estate. Whether you like it or not, your domicile and the probate process are closely tied together.

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    The underlying costs of having children

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 24/08/2014

    » Children are expensive. We hear this all the time from any parent. There is no getting away from the fact that if you start a family your life changes in almost every way. For many, their uppermost thoughts are that their social life will transform into something new; there will be sleepless nights, while changing nappies and feeding become 24/7 tasks that quickly turn into tiresome chores.

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    Do you have adequate retirement reserves?

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 10/08/2014

    » Following the last Net Worth column, "Boom or bubble?", a number of readers asked questions about their personal situations and whether they had adequate retirement reserves. "Is there a bubble that is about to burst?" was the question that left many believing that they would be personally affected if that were to happen. In that light, if you are currently reliant on income from investments, are your reserves sufficient and should you be moving them to areas where they will be better protected?


    When the expat shoestring breaks

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 18/05/2014

    » Asia is tantalisingly attractive and living here makes us feel elated and happy. The carefree lifestyle can distract us from the realities of unexpected events. This can become a trap, leaving you financially vulnerable and exposed.

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    The intricacies of self-managed investing

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 01/06/2014

    » Many expats manage their own investment portfolios and in doing so experience varying degrees of results. It would be easy to measure these as success or failure, but investment decisions do not really result in success or failure — they are simply subject to consequences.

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    Property and the power of leverage

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 20/04/2014

    » Property is generally seen as a very secure investment. But are you aware that property can be used in some enterprising ways to achieve multiple financial goals simultaneously, at little or no cost to you as the investor? It just takes a little ingenuity to make this happen.

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    Essential insurance planning

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 09/03/2014

    » Hoping for the best is not the same as planning for the worst. Making provisions for eventualities that could happen to you is a very serious business.

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    Ride the wave or prepare for the bursting bubble?

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 24/11/2013

    » Global stock markets seem to be energised by steroids, otherwise known as quantitative easing (QE). At the first sign of a reduction in the dosage, equities plummet; so why is QE apparently causing an effect in contrast to the original intention? Are you adequately prepared if the bubble bursts?

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    Key strategies for wealth accumulation

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 10/11/2013

    » Becoming financially secure is so simple that almost no one wants to believe it: Save regularly, reinvest your interest and dividend income, maintain your contributions even during down cycles, and you will accumulate wealth. It is that simple.


    Young expats need to take an interest

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 27/10/2013

    » Financial planning for the young expat _ what does this really mean? The last Net Worth column on this subject stimulated a number of queries. Most of these revolved around the practicalities or creating financial reserves and their use during retirement.

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