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    Who's the hero here?

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 28/03/2019

    » Scene Zero's Shogo Tanikawa emerges with another play about outsiders. While last year's 4 Seasons draws sensitive and convincing portraits of Thai immigrants in Japan, this year's Hero gives us characters that are either blurry or just plain ludicrous.


    Takin' it to the streets

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 19/09/2018

    » It's an exciting time for the graffiti and street-art enthusiasts of Thailand. Banksy, Mr. Brainwash and Dotmaster have finally landed in the Kingdom.


    The journey of self-discovery

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 08/11/2017

    » Kathmandu Photo Gallery's latest exhibition is a surreal visual feast. Seashells are beautifully stacked and balanced on thin wooden branches in a sunset desert, a foetus rests peacefully in a womb of a tree trunk and strange, eerie red rocks emerge from a toilet in ascending order.


    Weaving ties and traditions

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 04/04/2017

    » Wongduean Udomdechawet smiles when she talks about the craft of creating the tie-dyed silk woven cloth, known as mudmee.


    Zoom into Love

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 18/11/2016

    » If you're a dancer or have ever been one, you'll know that most of it is practice. Practising at school. Practising at home. Practising on the streets. In the sheets -- wait no. The point is it's a lot of practise, a lot of behind-the-scene stuff. Which is not to say it isn't fun. It just makes the opportunity to finally perform in front of an audience all the more thrilling and worthwhile. That's the kind of attitude reverberating at Studio Zoom right now, as its 250 or so dancers prepare for the school's annual showcase.


    Constant flux

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 14/12/2016

    » Bangkok Art and Culture Centre hasn't seen this many visitors in quite a while. Today people are everywhere in the exhibition space on the 9th floor even though it is a weekday afternoon. They have never been so involved with the artworks on display and careless as to what other visitors might think of them.


    British-Thai artist chooses to 'let go'

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 13/07/2016

    » Currently on display at Chomp café in Phra Nakorn district is a series of abstract drawings by British-Thai artist Kat Jones, a simultaneous experience in chaos and order. Titled Heart And Nerve And Sinew, Jones' elaborate pen drawings seem the result of a carefully-constructed sketch but they were actually out of spontaneity, no pre-planning, no sketching.


    The fine art of persistence

    Brunch, Jeerawat Na Thalang, Published on 19/06/2016

    » The latest artwork of Chakrabhand Posayakrit, Thailand's best-known painter, is the most surprising of the master's prolific oeuvre.


    Ratchaburi's roll of the dice

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 04/03/2016

    » Almost five years ago the late writer and National Artist in literature Prabhassorn Sevikul wrote a short story. The text was not published on paper but painted along the bank of Mae Khlong river, and you had to walk the total of 3km to finish the story. The ephemeral aspect of this, along with 74 other artworks installed around Ratchaburi, featured in the first edition of the community-based "Art Normal" event.


    Retro grade

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 09/12/2015

    » Charoen Krung Road, Thailand's first road completed in 1864, was once a hub of prosperity, rich with money, culture and diversity. Now in 2015, the road that runs past the Old City, along the river all the way to Thanon Tok, has enjoyed an urban revival. Once home to expats, embassies, religious and ethnic communities and shophouses, the road and its many sois have now been enlivened by a younger vibe, from Maitri Chit Road near Yaowarat (Chinatown) to the galleries in mid-Charoen Krung.

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