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    Mobile shopping, local-style

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 15/06/2016

    » Step back 7-Eleven. What's really in demand right now is the luxury of trip-less grocery shopping. However, in a country where a futuristic supermarket concept -- by which products can be purchased through Google Glass or revolutionary drive-through systems -- may be years away, Thais are enjoying their own version of the ultimate convenient shopping experience.


    Learning tough lessons on the field

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 13/01/2016

    » Over the past week, there have been two viral video clips that have captured wide public attention and sparked off massive internet outbursts. The first incident occurred right here in Bangkok and is currently making headline news, and involved a fabricated accusation of road rage. The accuser, who backed up his pick-up truck and ran over a mid-sized sedan during a fit of road rage, made up a false report of the incident without knowing his actions had been captured on video.


    Five-star local flavour

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 08/03/2013

    » It was sweaty, sometimes dusty, but absolutely fun-filled. We were on the back of a small song taew, with bags full of fresh local produce, listening to a young Australian chef explaining the recipes he planned for our lunch.

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