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    Mum's tears over slow police probe

    Spectrum, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 27/08/2017

    » For as long as she could remember, it was a daily ritual for single mother Patcharee Punthong, 51, and her daughter, Ploynarin "Nong Ploy" Palipol, 22, to have dinner together after work in the Tha Rue district of Ayutthaya, where they lived only steps away from the factory where they both worked. Nong Ploy usually commuted to and from work on her bike.

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    The unsung heroes of our roads

    News, Supoj Wancharoen, Published on 29/04/2017

    » 'Call me a garbage man or a bin man, I don't really mind," said Sawat Kamhom, who is proud of his job keeping Bangkok's dirty, smelly streets clean.

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    Getting the green light on electric cars

    Spectrum, Paritta Wangkiat, Published on 30/10/2016

    » As of Sept 30, Thailand had 52 electric sedans on the road. There are roughly 1.3 million electric cars on the roads worldwide, but with fears batteries will flatten in traffic or flooding will lead to lasting damage, Thai drivers have been slow on the uptake.

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    A village haunted by superstition

    Spectrum, Nanchanok Wongsamuth, Published on 14/09/2014

    » More than 10 years ago a village in the northeastern province of Sakon Nakhon made headlines as the home of Thailand's most feared ghosts, known as phi pob, but these days the evil spirits appear to have simply vanished.

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    No safe harbour for most vulnerable Rohingya

    Spectrum, Published on 14/07/2013

    » The young Rohingya mother should have felt safe and protected at the Phangnga Shelter for Children and Families. Instead she was whisked away with her two children to a remote island and repeatedly raped until she became so ill her attacker stopped.

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    Misty mornings

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 04/04/2019

    » Roosters crowed an hour before dawn. Since every family in the hilly village of Ban Huay Tong Kor (also spelled Ban Huai Tong Ko) in Mae Hong Son raised chickens, the cry was pretty loud and seemed to be nonstop. It could wake up even those drunk on local rice wine from the night before.

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    The movers and rule-breakers marking 2017

    Spectrum, Published on 31/12/2017

    » From flooding and fugitive former prime ministers to murders, unexplained deaths and a bitter row over coal-fired energy, these stories made the headlines in Thailand this year By Paritta Wangkiat and Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai

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    Law cops out on transgender rights in Pattaya

    Spectrum, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 20/08/2017

    » After a long night performing at one of Pattaya's most famous cabaret shows, Aom only wanted a good rest. The 35-year-old cabaret performer left work at 1am without pausing to remove her make-up. Mounting her motorcycle, she decided to go home via Pattaya Beach Road, a stretch known as a hangout for transgender sex workers and heavily patrolled by police.

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    A slaughterhouse love story

    Spectrum, Father Joe Maier, Published on 02/07/2017

    » She's a slaughterhouse kindergarten teacher. Her whole life through and through. And her husband was a boy who grew up just over the footbridge crossing the canal to the other side, next to the temple. And her face becomes more beautiful day by day. Serene might be a better word. Her whole life of 48 years. She has been teaching slaughterhouse kindergarten children since her middle teens.

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    Close to home: Big C blasts unsettle lives and security

    Spectrum, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 28/05/2017

    » It was going to be a fun afternoon for Nurshafiqa Surorayo, a four-year-old Pattani girl reuniting with her uncle Abdul. After several months of working in Malaysia, he was returning to Pattani to see family. He decided to take his niece and nephew out for lunch followed by a trip to the only shopping mall in town, Big C, for ice cream.

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