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    The chosen one

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 13/01/2018

    » Since the release of its spectacular trailer, there has been a major buzz around the new Thai animation, 9 Satra: The Legend of Muay Thai.


    Girl power

    Published on 24/06/2017

    » For fans of Asian pop music, Japanese idol girl group AKB48 are one of the biggest. Indeed, in terms of personnel, they are the biggest, with well over a hundred members. Across Asia, AKB48 now has several sister bands, including right here in Thailand with BNK48.


    Painted faces

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 30/05/2017

    » It can take time to discover our true calling in life. We often end up studying things because we think it’s what we’re supposed to do, not because it’s what interests us. Pornsiri Williams (Kitty) earned a Bachelor’s in Physics from Kasetsart University and a Master’s in International Hospitality and Tourism Management from Schiller University in the UK. However, when she finally did pursue a career, it wasn’t in either of these fields.


    How to mend a broken heart

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 07/02/2017

    » Heartbreak is difficult to deal with. It can cause people to do crazy things, especially when they try to get their ex-lovers back.


    Flying high

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 18/07/2016

    » It’s been two years since Jessica Jung left Girls’ Generation. Now she’s back with her first solo release, With Love, J. The mini-album features six new tracks, four of which Jessica wrote herself. The 27-year-old star is currently travelling around Asia promoting the new release. Last month, lucky Thai fans were treated to her debut performance as a solo artist at her Princess under a Gold Sky concert.


    Guardian girl

    Published on 18/07/2016

    » Pacharawan Vadrukchit (Ticha) of the girl group G20 is taking a break from music and currently enjoying her new fame as an actress. The 27-year-old star has made her acting debut in the romantic action drama Hak Liam Mudjuraj (The Guardian), which is airing now on MONO29 channel.


    A new age

    Published on 03/07/2016

    » Madame Tussauds Museum in Siam Discovery has returned with a new 4D cinema. Now showing is the nine-minute animated film Ice Age: No Time for Nuts 4D. In front of the cinema is an area made to look like an ice cave to exhibit three wax figures of the famous characters — Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth and Scrat the squirrel.


    Memory lane

    Published on 21/02/2017

    » In his latest single, “Castle on the Hill,” Ed is feeling nostalgic. He’s on his way back to his hometown, and as he drives along the familiar roads, he remembers the good old days.


    Handsome devil

    Published on 12/07/2016

    » Hè Junxiáng, better known as Mike He, is one of Taiwan’s biggest stars. The former model made his breakthrough playing bad boy Jiang Meng in the popular series Devil Beside You and has starred in many hit series since then. Despite his popularity, the 32-year-old had never had the chance to meet his fans in Thailand. But last month he finally arrived in the capital for a fan meeting.


    Dream sounds

    Tatat Bunnag, Published on 13/09/2016

    » Thai indie bands have been gaining a lot of international recognition in recent years. More and more acts are getting invited to perform at concerts and festivals all around the world. And 2016 is proving to be a very good year for local independent music. Groups like Yellow Fang, Jelly Rocket and Fwends have travelled to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. And now Hariguem Zaboy are the latest home-grown act to catch the attention of the international audience.

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