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    A beautiful responsibility

    Life, Pichaya Svasti, Published on 05/06/2017

    » Immediately after the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Oct 13 last year, a team of Fine Arts Department architectural specialists began their work to design the royal crematorium. Kokiart Thongphud -- known as the trusted right-hand man of the late architect Arwut Ngernchuklin, who designed several previous royal crematoriums -- knew that the responsibility would fall on his shoulders. That night his brain began to whirl, his hands skilfully moving the pencil, rulers and paper, his eyes focusing on the details.

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    Crackdown on teen racers begins

    Online Reporters, Published on 19/08/2014

    » The assistant national police chief said on Tuesday police would launch a sweeping crackdown on teenage motorcycle gangsters racing on public streets in Bangkok and five nearby provinces, starting tonight.

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    Media 'must not' name young offenders

    Published on 17/09/2013

    » News agencies that identify young offenders or victims of crime under the age of 18 will be prosecuted for breaching child protection laws, a judiciary representative said on Tuesday.

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    Police crack down on road racers

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 20/08/2014

    » Police are cracking down on motorcycle street racers who turn out in large numbers on major city roads and have set themselves the ambitious target of ridding the streets of racers within seven days.


    'Mai pen rai' on our roads means death

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 25/04/2013

    » Little pickup truck overloaded with 350 boxes of ceramic tiles, drops them all over the highway causing accidents & traffic jam, fined only 500 baht.


    Flood management controversy

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 25/11/2011

    » Residents living above where the "big-bag barrier" was recently dismantled are cheering, while those below it are protesting.

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