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    New wave of education after the tsunami

    Learningpost, Fraser Morton, Published on 05/01/2010

    » The soft pitter-patter of footsteps across a dusty Phuket playing field is followed by a cacophony of giggles as a group of students - the girls dressed in blue and white and the boys kitted out in khaki - skip to their English class at Kalim School.

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    Last one in, again

    Database, Published on 06/01/2010

    » Never in Thai history has a story that didn't happen so dominate the news and clearly emerge as the Technology Story of the Year; just before the New Year, your TOT flipped a switch that started providing bandwidth of the third-generation kind in a couple of obscure corners of Bangkok, but in truth, 2009 was the year that Laos and Cambodia totally humiliated the telecoms state enterprises by leaving Thailand a far, distant last among Asian countries providing 3G service to yuppiephone subscribers.

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    More fun apps for iPhone cameras

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 13/01/2010

    » Although I carry an SLR camera about with me, I find that increasingly I use the iPhone 3G to take pictures, partly because there are now so many apps, allowing special effects to be used easily.

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    Thunderbird gets more improvements

    Database, Wanda Sloan, Published on 13/01/2010

    » Many computer users, including Database readers, prefer - or are leaning towards - handling all their email in the cloud. But I know that many wouldn't think of taking their regular email duties away from their desktops.

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    Heading for the finnish line

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 17/01/2010

    » Although the sands are shifting under the mobile phone market, Nokia still manages to hold on to the No1 handset manufacturer slot despite its eroding market share (about 38%).


    Somwung opens up on enhancing teacher quality

    Learningpost, Published on 19/01/2010

    » 'Quality of education is the only thing that is going to move Thailand to a better position,'' said Prof Emeritus Somwung Pitiyanuwat, PhD. Before leaving his position as acting director of the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Onesqa), he gave an exclusive interview to ''Education'' on his vision on improving the quality of teachers in Thailand. Below are edited excerpts.

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    Travel guides on your smart phone

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 20/01/2010

    » I am always trying to expand my use of the iPhone, adding to its original design ideas with use of apps: technical evolution, not revolution. The iPhone allows us to use new types of media, for example: traditional media like newspapers and books are declining.

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    Compatibility problems

    Database, Published on 20/01/2010

    » I took my compact 2.5 HD external storage device on vacation to Canada recently hoping to show my daughters some photos of amazing Thailand. My daughters both have relatively mew Macs and although the machines recognised an external drive was connected they refused to open the device to show the photos.

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    A small price to pay

    Database, Published on 20/01/2010

    » Your TOT board put huge red Xs across all the recent auctions and three billion baht worth of contracts to build a fibre-optic network for broadband Internet, and vowed to call new contracts; the decision followed remarks by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva over the high prices of some of the bids, and your TOT will be certain to write new terms of reference for new auctions; the rather complicated auction was run in portions, for various parts of the country, but luckily for TOT turned out to total 3.03 billion baht, a full 0.01 billion below the budget; now they will have to do it all again, and despite what Mr Abhisit says, prices do go up, don't they?


    Schools without rules

    Outlook, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 21/01/2010

    » Years after selling training equipment to vocational schools and colleges around the country, entrepreneur Boon-anek Maneetham realised he could offer more than just the educational tools; he wanted to provide a new way of learning to young students at a dream school.

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