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    Feb 10 Activities

    Guru, Published on 10/02/2017

    » Amelia Stewart, Cook First's founder, will guide you through this one-hour class on how to make a variety of raw chocolates infused with rose, coconut and almond. B1,000 fee includes a box of your own personalised chocolates. Limited seats.

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    In a Pokemon bubble

    News, Postbag, Published on 24/08/2016

    » Re: "Cops launch 'Pokemon' blitz", (BP, Aug 22).

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    Corruption 101: Prostitution & the police

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 10/09/2012

    » MP Chuwit lectures Hat Yai students on how police make money from prostitution, a subject not normally taught in university courses.

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    Jetts 24 Hour Fitness introduces exciting new class “SH’BAM”

    By prnews, Created on: 25/05/2018, Last updated on: 25/05/2018

    » [attachment=2:16a3s9mu]highlight.jpg[/attachment:16a3s9mu][b:16a3s9mu]Jetts 24 Hour Fitness introduces exciting new class “SH’BAM” to shake up your workout routine[/b:16a3s9mu] Here is where you can hit the gym and sizzle the dance floor all at once [b:16a3s9mu]Jetts 24 Hour Fitness[/b:16a3s9mu],...

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    MEA resolves unsightly communication cable wiring

    By prnews, Created on: 30/03/2018, Last updated on: 30/03/2018

    » [attachment=2:3lut5yiy]highlight.jpg[/attachment:3lut5yiy][b:3lut5yiy]MEA resolves unsightly communication cable wiring with the GIS system[/b:3lut5yiy] [b:3lut5yiy]Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) Governor Chaiyong Puapongsakorn,[/b:3lut5yiy] together with officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan...

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    MEA resolves unsightly communication cable wiring

    By prnews, Created on: 30/03/2018, Last updated on: 30/03/2018

    » [attachment=2:1mbms3ve]highlight.jpg[/attachment:1mbms3ve]MEA resolves unsightly communication cable wiring with the GIS system [b:1mbms3ve]Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) Governor Chaiyong Puapongsakorn,[/b:1mbms3ve] together with officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA);...

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    Street cuisine is disappearing

    By Jorgen, Created on: 03/09/2016, Last updated on: 03/09/2016

    » Saw this well written albeit sad story about Bangkok’s disappearing street food from local Bangkok 101 magazine’s Managing Editor, Craig Sauers. It appears on the BBC Travel site. For decades, Soi 38, Bangkok’s famed foodie haunt on Sukhumvit Road, was a carnival of colours, smells and sounds....

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    Winter Market Fest #3

    By prnews, Created on: 07/01/2016, Last updated on: 07/01/2016

    » [b:d1wv82bb][size=150:d1wv82bb]Activities to usher in the cool season, Chillaxing Shopping and Chilling out at T77, Sukhumvit 77[/size:d1wv82bb][/b:d1wv82bb] [attachment=2:d1wv82bb]Winter-Market-Fest-#3.jpg[/attachment:d1wv82bb] Celebrating the presence of the happy festive season, Sansiri hosted...

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    getting engaged

    By Anonymous, Created on: 12/01/2006, Last updated on: 08/05/2006

    » Hi All I have been dating my Thai girlfriend for some time now and i return to thailand in feb 06, I have asked her to return to england with me and spend some time to see how see likes it. I would like to get engaged with her and then once she has spent some time with me in uk, i will ask her...

    • Anonymous commented : Hi All, I have spent many hours reading various post's on the forums, I need some advise prior to getting legal assistance. I met a 18 year old Thai-Chinese girl in Bkk in Aug 2005 and must say she is very mature for her age and above normal intelligence. Her family are or were middle class and have thier own business and live in Bang Na with most of the relatives in near by soi's (area). She was living at the time with what I found out later to be her sugar daddy from early 18 late 17 yrs old and her parents allowed it as they were told he was her friends dad from high school and was paying for her university fees, as a 'Good Citizen'!!! I am very street wise and travelled world wide and have lived part time in various countrys in Asia along with Thailand for over 5 yrs. Cut a long story short after many months of chat on internet and phone she confessed to all I had basically had worked out from day one and being upfront as I am 'I asked her many questions from day one as it did not seem normal to me and felt like something was not as she stated. She confessed to the fact that 'YES' he was her sugar daddy so to speak and that he had found her through her birth date when she was at high school due to him being involved in a spiritual sect in Bkk known as TANTRA. She asked me to help her escape!!! I asked what she was meaning by escape and from who and from where? She told me she only went to him after her step dad's business went down and her family financially were not able to pay for her university and all she wanted was to finish university for her family with out giving them any finacnial problems along with what they were experiencing. Too cut the story even shorter I stoped all I was doing in Australia and caught the next plane to Bkk the next day, this was after about 3 months (Oct 2005) of chat on internet and telephone. She said to me when I arrived if we can go some were in Thailand and wait till she is 20 yrs old to get a passport legally with out her parents knowing cuase she had not a good relationship with her mum. I said this is not a positive way for a future friendship to develop between us and will not create a strong foundation for our relationship if we have one in the future, so I asked to meet her parents. Her mum and one aunty and her auntys husband came to dinner they accepted me as her boyfriend, I said I will like to try and build a relationship with her and pay for her univeristy and living while she studies. Her mum asked her to be good to me and that was that!!! So I got her an apartment, etc, etc. and returned to Australia, every 3-4 weeks I went to Bkk, I have been returning since October 2005. We chat daily via sms, internet and telephone. She knows I have a business in Australia, but accepted the fact that I am NOT STUPID AND KNOW THE LAWS OF THE STREET. The apartment costs 5,500bht a mth in On Nut and she has a budget to live on that is better than the avaerage salary of 8,000bht a mth in Thailand, so basicaly I did not spiol her nore have I been a cheap charly, I said to her lets go step by step and 'WHAT DO U NEED? As oppossed to how much money do You want? I am very straight forward and honest and some say (her mum & other family members) I am over confident, basicaly I know who I am and express it as I do not believe in FEAR!!! I live the life I love and believe I recieve blessings from above.... I am polite but honest.... On 30 Dec 2005 she asked me if I would like to meet the rest of her family and stay at her grandmothers home in the country 2 hrs drive from Bkk for NYE (1 Jan 2006) and said she has never taken any boy to meet her family ever in the past. I said why not I have had enough party's in my life in many countrys on NYE. So I found myself being driven to her grandmothers house via her auntys and uncles mobile phone store different aunty and uncle from the ones I met months earlier and slept next to her and her grand mother for NYE on the floor!!! I felt touched what can I say....It was pleasant. Since that time I asked her if she wanted to come visit my country being Australia and meet my friends and family and see my lifestyle. She wanted to so much it caused big trouble in her family as her mum would Not get her a passport and in Thailand the law is 20 yrs to get passport legally with out parents permission. So, I asked what next, she replied (knowing that I have never been married or even engaged and that I never planned to marry in this life time) can we please get married just for my parents, she had stated when I first met her that she never wants to marry or have children, which suited me as I have felt the same all my life. I am 36 yrs old now and she is 19 yrs old now, I was 35 when I met her... I am a very young, fit and cool 35 yrs old, 'so I am told'... lol After meeting her mum again and step dad as she grew up with a step dad her real dad did the runner on her mum when she was pregnant to this gal I am writitng about. They accepted me to marry her and asked when? it was decided Sept 2006 and they said one of thier cousins married a english man and he paid 500,000bht and gold to parents as the 'Dowry' (Sin sod or Khan Maak). I said ok can she come to Australia 1st to meet my family and see my country to determine if she wants to live thier and if she likes it so we can plan our future together in a mature and logical way with out pressure and time frames. They said 'NO' marry 1st, and then said have a quik wedding and you can take her. I felt like I was being sold a human being and backed off and told her in front of her parents and one Thai-indian friend I asked to acompany me to this lunch meeting - that I DONT BUY PEOPLE, its Illegal in my country and immoral & degrading according to the way I was raised. We have had many problems since that meeting with her parents. Since that time this young gal has tried to commit suicide, run away from her famliy and myself, she cutt off all communications with me and told me not to marry her as her family are what we had talked about regaing many Thai's and started to treat her as a ATM due to the fact that she had a farang boyfriend, she cheated on me with a other man. I felt It would be best if I hired an interpreting service here in Australia and talk direct to her mum via a Thai interpreter provided by my Govt. services, after that 1 and half hour chat with her mum on the phone that costed over $200AUD I caught a plane to Bkk 3 weeks ago and found her, we spent Sokran festival together on 2 of the Islands after having dinner with her parents and brother and they gave step dad said he respects me for bringing her back home after she had left to go live with that Sugar daddy Cult...and that I am a good man he felt... We went away together and spoke in detail about all the events that took place over the past 8 months. I am now back in Australia, and I am a little confussed but feel like I know whats going on. Can anyone tell me what they think of the above even though its in brief and I have cut a long story very short.... I would also like to know if anyone can tell me how much a 'Dowry' is normaly paid to the family? (Amount & Gold) Do legal agreements legaly cover my assets in Thailand? She has said she will sign any legal document from my legal advisers regarding the protection of my assets in Australia... Does a legal registered marriage in Thailand protect the Farang? Or does it differ from a Thai to Thai marriage? She has stated she loves me, and will be loyal as its the Thai culture way and she has been a good person to me over all, so I am split 50/50. No she is Not a Glamour, and not the type of girlfriend I have even dated in my life in any country, she is average looking, tiny/thin and short. But I must say I was and am attracted to her thinking pattern and level of intellect and do see potential as a real life friend/partner or what ever you wish to call it when 2 people have a meeting of the minds 'Soul-Mate? Thanks in advance... Thong Lo (my Thai nick name) lol

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