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    HM King endorses cabinet

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 11/07/2019

    » The coalition government, which has been royally endorsed, will not have the luxury of "a honeymoon period" as the country's economy is in bad shape and is in need of urgent action from the new government, observers in the private sector said.

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    A paragon of virtues

    News, Postbag, Published on 31/12/2017

    » As Pliny the Younger noted, "Example [is] the surest method of instruction."

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    What's trending and happening this week

    Muse, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 17/12/2016

    » 1. Most followers of the art scene have probably heard of Alex Face, the creator of the three-eyed rabbit child-creature that has become his signature character, appearing in exhibitions, galleries and graffiti walls in Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin, among others. On Dec 21, fans of this impressionist artist can enjoy his latest works at the Alex Face Alive Exhibition, held at the Bangkok Citycity Gallery, in the south Sathorn area. The exhibition will run until February.

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    Forever grateful

    Life, Pichaya Svasti, Published on 15/02/2017

    » 'My Dearest Khun Prisna, I am now in one of the most beautiful places. Our hotel's name is 'Castello del Sole' (Castle of the Sun). Isn't it chic? The name is like one in a fairy tale. This town is so cute. It has a bright-coloured lake and nice houses on slopes. Routes and paths criss-cross the hills. Colourful flowers blossom everywhere ..."

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    HM picks Privy Council members

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 07/12/2016

    » His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun has appointed 10 members of the Privy Council in which three are newcomers, including two government ministers.

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    BMA's Mahakan mess

    News, Postbag, Published on 21/01/2017

    » It is with deep disappointment that we have read Peerawat Jariyasombat's strangely ill-informed article, "A lesson in development" (BP, Jan 16, 2017). In a move that seems calculated to pander to the greed of developers rather than nurture the human resources represented by local populations, Khun Peerawat hails the efforts of Korean authorities to replace an existing population with an artist colony, but says nothing about the fate of the original residents.

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    Bittersweet tribute to HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

    Muse, Kanokporn Chanasongkram, Published on 29/10/2016

    » On Oct 31, the curtain will completely fall on the legendary Sakulthai Weekly Magazine, sadly one day before its 62nd anniversary.

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    Understanding a country's grief

    Life, Published on 19/10/2016

    » Since the death of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej last Thursday, a shockwave of emotional distress has been felt across Thailand. As the country observes a period of mourning, emotions continue to resonate.

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    The private and public pain felt around the world

    News, Published on 16/10/2016

    » From Sydney to San Francisco to London, the pain of thousands of Thais living across the globe was clearly felt after His Majesty's death was announced on Thursday.

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    Pure soul, glorious nostalgia

    Life, Pimchanok Phungbun Na Ayudhya, Published on 20/08/2015

    » A couple of decades can pass in the blink of an eye when you realise the hits you've been religiously listening to on your Walkman are already 20-years-old. Boyz II Men were a staple on my cassette player. These days, I can still spontaneously sing along when I'll Make Love To You, On Bended Knees, End Of The Road and my personal favourite, 4 Seasons Of Loneliness, come up. And finally, my favourite R&B group of all time was staging their first live performance in town. It was just… not to be missed."Boyz II Men Live In Bangkok" on Sunday night at BITEC was a reunion of 90s kids who grew up bumpin' 'n' grindin' to old-school R&B. The performance took off right on time with opening acts by home-grown talents Apiwat "Nueng" Pongwat of Etc, Sarocha "Suay" Senarat and Weerasak "Gope" Klueakan from The Voice and Thanasit "Ton" Chaturapush from Academy Fantasia who put a soul spin on the start of proceedings. Weerasak did an amazing job by hitting every note of Sam Smith's Lay Me Down. In a shocking surprise, the screens abruptly showed Rangsan Panyaruan, aka Songkran The Voice, when the audience expected to see the R&B legends right after the warm-up. The moodkiller was just played unforgivably at the wrong time.

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