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    How will post-poll Thailand look?

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 20/08/2018

    » Now the Election Commission and the National Council for Peace and Order have promised to hold the general election on Feb 24 next year, should we remain hopeful that the move will eventually lead Thailand to transition into a more democratic state? The answer largely depends on our expectations of the outcome, as well as the form of democracy that we want -- and we can look southeasterly to Cambodia, or westerly to Myanmar to get a rough idea of what Thailand's new beginning may be like.

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    Billionaire activist holds out hope of new era

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 05/03/2018

    » Canada has 46-year-old Justin Trudeau as prime minister. France has Emmanuel Macron, 40. New Zealand has Jacinda Ardern, 37. What kind of a national leader will Thailand have after the election next year?

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    Political purge all in the name of law

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 09/06/2019

    » What's next for Thailand after things went according to (the military regime's) plan, with junta leader Prayut Chan-o-cha as our prime minister?

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    Clone wars: FFP boss is not Thaksin 2.0

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 23/05/2019

    » The ongoing media shareholding case against Future Forward Party (FFP) leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit may not have come this far if he wasn't ultra rich and moderately successful. But his high net-worth and popularity makes him a clone of ousted former premier Thaksin Shinawatra in the eyes of the anti-Thaksin elite and conservative media, who seem to be on a crusade to stop Mr Thanathorn's rise.

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    Targeting FFP boss sets bad precedent

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 02/05/2019

    » Here we go again. Another seemingly excessive and dubious use of law to bring down the rising political star Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit. The Election Commission (EC) has accused the Future Forward Party (FFP) leader of breaking the election law by failing to transfer his shares in V-Luck Media Co prior to running in the general election. If found guilty, he will be disqualified from serving in the Lower House.

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    Fanning flames of hate speech will end in tears

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 04/04/2019

    » In a press briefing that was staged to stress his intent to denounce hate speech, army chief Apirat Kongsompong on Tuesday actually fanned the flames of hatred against self-proclaimed "pro-democracy" political parties and their members.

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    Another poll, another missed opportunity

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 28/03/2019

    » With over a decade of political turmoil and almost five years under a military dictatorship, it comes as no surprise that Thailand is no longer the front-running economic powerhouse in Southeast Asia. The country's economic growth has been much lower than that of Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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    Political cases may bode ill for democracy

    Oped, Surasak Glahan, Published on 28/02/2019

    » The uniquely Thai way of sabotaging popular political parties and their leaders with surprising ease yielded further progress yesterday, as the fate of the executives at the helm of the Future Forward Party (FFP) and Thai Raksa Chart Party (TRC) were left hanging in the balance.

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    Why Thailand will stay in Third World

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 16/01/2019

    » Cambodia had a "fake" national ballot in June. Bangladesh held a "farcical poll" blighted by intimidation late last month. Thailand is worse. It can't event hold a general election as planned.

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    PM lacking confidence despite loaded deck

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 17/12/2018

    » In the upcoming Feb 24 general election, one retired general does not need a big win if he wants to become prime minister. Under the current constitution, he just needs a small share of votes, 126 out of the 500 MP seats up for grabs. Yet, there have been an endless series of (presumably dirty) tricks and (shrewdly planted) traps to emerge over the past month which have been seen as efforts to help him gain this small win. Why?

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