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    its not always right that

    By Anonymous, Created on: 20/12/2002, Last updated on: 12/08/2010

    » actually i have a thai pretty girlfriend who being my girl for a year now. and i think thai women are serious and good one bcoz of i've known thai friends both men and women and they're not think about your money in their brain! now a days, they can work and earn as much as men can do. don't look...

    • Anonymous commented : having cards, dominoes drink parties around each others houses and massive arguments and falling outs . SORRY WIGAN

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    Learning about Thai ladies in marriage and culture

    By Anonymous, Created on: 23/08/2003, Last updated on: 21/10/2007

    » I would like to learn about the Thai lady in marriage and the Thai culture. The reason for this, is that after literally travelling the world for many years, during work commitments, and meeting along the way many ladies for serious relationships. I met along the way a lady from Thailand. We met many...

    • Anonymous commented : I do not much about UK's immigration laws. It would be easier if you contact UK embassy in Thailand or in UK. It is a good idea to get marry certificate in UK to eliminate any questions of legitimacy. Of course, it is nicer and cheaper to have large wedding party in Thailand since all her family's members could attend.

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    family visa

    By Anonymous, Created on: 02/01/2004, Last updated on: 12/09/2006

    » When the Thai government will allow foreigners with Thai spouse and children to own a one year visa without the need to travel out of the country every 3 month or to show 800 thousands bahts in a bank account, this is very unfair and even most of the Thais don't earn this sum per year, why this discrimination...

    • Anonymous commented : us that all leading political parties in Thailan happen to be organized by Chinese. Evidently there had not seen one successful party run by genuine Thai since the second world war. Doesn't that eat your heart out? Listen Rooster.....there are still widely available for empty land in the rural area deep in the jungle of the northeast of Thailand where you can engage the good old typical easy Thai life style. that might help to rehabilitate your nerves. Good luck my friend.

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    Marry in Thailand 1st then Apply for Immigrant Visa to USA

    By Anonymous, Created on: 15/05/2004, Last updated on: 23/09/2007

    » I'm an US citizen living here in Northern California. I plan to get married sometime next year in Thailand to a Thai woman who works as a registered nurse, as she plans on moving here in the US afterwards. I researched the US consulate in Bangkok and US Immigration ( and sort of understand...

    • Anonymous commented : No one, not even the Thai government, will recognise a marriage until it is registered. I was married here in Thailand and there are many seperate parts to the marriage. The service. To me, this is equivelant to the church part but it can be in a temple or at home. It is held first thing in the morning (mine was at 07:00) and the monks chant a lot and we gave each monk a bucket of goodies. My wife did not see the importance of this but to me this was the wedding. My wife does not see herself as a bhuddist but her every action says she is. The wedding. In the evening is the party. This is what my wife calls the wedding but I would call the reception. All the family and most of the village came for a meal that I did not get to eat any of. I was to busy having bits of string tied to my wife's and my wrists. Everyone said a little blessing and handed us an envelope with some money in it. This is the part that matters to the family and this is when the family see you as married. The registry. This is the part that governments care about. You can do this before or after the other parts. No government will recognise the other parts and only care about the registration. You can do this without even doing any of the other parts. You can do the other parts and not do this. In my suggestion, I suggested that this part should not be done as the couple can still get a fiance visa if they omit this part, travel to another country and get married/registered there. There is nothing illegal or fraudulent in what I am suggesting. It is just a good way of keeping everyone happy.

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    By Anonymous, Created on: 26/05/2004, Last updated on: 09/03/2007

    » Hello and thanks to all that responded to my last questions. Those of you who have been following my last questions thanks. I am set to marry in Nov or Dec and I talked to her family. My dowery is set at 2 milllion bath and I already gave a 200,000 bath strater to show that I was interested. What...

    • Anonymous commented : to all thai men here, as well as farang wouldbe husbands, I hereby translate a Thai laws about dowry and marriage laws for your discretive understandings. Acts of Civil and Commerce (Pramuan Gotmai Paeng lae Panit revised 2547) Chapter 5 : Family Subchapter 1 : Marriage Clause 1 : Engagement for marriage Article 1435 : 17 years old boy or girl can marry in consent of each parents (in brief). Article 1437 : Sin Sot is the property that man's party endow to the parents of girl's party for purpose to the girl's party acceptance of the marriage. In case any cause occur that the marriage is not taken place due to the mistake on the girl's party, the sin sot can be claimed back by the man's party, comment : in legal marriage in Thailand, the sin sot is due process for formal engagement and marriage. Sin sot delivery must be done openly with witnesses which will nail down the girl's parents, who thesedays some people though, take chance to get their daughter re-married with high paying farang bridegrooms as the present common-law farang or local husbands did dowry in unclear manner such as helping a younger sister to continue college or help the parents build more bedrooms or buy them households TV laundry machine etc. This kind of endowment is not regarded Sin Sot or at least ignored by bad parents as they say "they are gifts or charity to them because the farang men always look down to them as the poor people". Do not avoid Sin Sot giving, give even 5000 baht in presence of village headman and take photo of such evedential material. This will concrete your marriage. Otherwise Thai court always favor Thai people and rule your marriage is MOKA (nullifying marriage). However the best bondage is how strong your bride is bound to you. Girl is girl. If they feel they are loved tightly and securely by you, they do not leave you. They reject their parents and try to raise new family, you and your children. This is the real humane face and what all of us pursue.

    • Anonymous commented : t could be beneficial to both parties if that could provide a form of security or protection if one has decided early to break the vow, but how effective it can truly be in sorting out the ideal candidate. Do we measure the value of men by their possessions and how much money one can provide? What happen to those that can't provide? Are they then be condemed? I agree with you that life is not perfect. Life is full of obstacles. Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we go through life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been. By the way, my life is so far fetched from the fairy tales.

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    getting divorced my mail.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 13/06/2004, Last updated on: 22/01/2008

    » I am Thai woman. I got married American about 1 and half years ago in Thailand. Now I want to get divorced and he doesn't want to fly here to give me divorced. He would like me to send him money for the ticket, hotel and food for a week in Thailand. And that will cost me alot of money. I have talked...

    • Anonymous commented : Hi All, in my experience the bride price requested was 300000 baht (cash by the way in 1000 notes). I paid this to the family, with no contract or anything else. They sorted out the wedding and the 7 monks, the hindu style priest and the folk style wedding. (we seemed to go through three ceremonies, ending up with the white cord around both our heads and everyone pouring water over our hands.) This lasted about 4 hours in the early morning until 1100. The wedding party in the evening attended by 350 people was also paid for out of this bride price. The remaining money was used by the family to rebuilt the houe and enlatrge the family noodle business. I was very happy with this. I also paid for three family members to come over from Wales. I bought a house on a mortgage and paid deposit on a new car. I thought all of this was very reasonable to set up life for my own family. In the four years since my Thai family has been very supportive and help looking after our two kids. i certainly don't feel like any one got ripped off. all the best Dave

    • Anonymous commented : All I am to be married to a Thai national this June. At the engagement party I will give the parents of my bride 100,000 baht and 76 grams of gold. I have just been told by my bride at the wedding I am to show more money and gold. I already have promised to give my bride a gold necklase and gold ring. She told me that the additional money is for show only and that she would make sure I got it back after the wedding. My question is, is this a Thai custom? What would be the appropiate amount to show. Do you think that my bride or her family would be affended if I did not show money at wedding? Why is not the money I give to parents enough? Thank you for your reeesponse.

    • Anonymous commented : Rooster, Thanks for getting back to me. I have not given the money to my brides parents yet. I am still in America but will be traveling to Thailand this June to marry my bride and bring her back to the US. We have settled on the amount to be given to her parents about 6 months ago. It makes me wonder if her parents now think they should have asked for more. I know her father has a lot of influence on my fiancee. It makes me wonder if he put her up to asking for addition money at the wedding which he can convert to his own use. Please give me you opinion on another thing. My fiancee has asked for 50,000 Baht to pay for the engagement party and wedding. We are going to have the wedding in her village. We will pay for food, rental of wedding costumes for myself and my bride and a professional photographer. We will go to the temple also to make merit. Does 50,000 baht sound like too much for this kind of event? Thank you

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    Thai Divorce law

    By Anonymous, Created on: 02/12/2004, Last updated on: 09/01/2009

    » I heard from a farang that under Thai law men can divorce women in two days. But for a woman, it takes two years. The reasoning being that women are thought of as temperamental creatures, prone to wild mood swings, who need plenty of time to calm down...

    • Anonymous commented : ving ever met any of the parties involved. My question was : does anyone out there know if this discrepancy really exists in Thai law ?

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