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    David Attenborough's longtime field-recordings passion project

    Life, John Clewley, Published on 27/11/2018

    » Sir David Attenborough is famous for his natural-history TV series and documentaries. Life On Earth, Living Planet, The Life Of Birds, The Private Life Of Plants, Life In The Undergrowth and, most recently, Blue Planet have all been shown in many countries. His hushed, almost whispered narration to all these fascinating films is now part of the broadcasting ether.

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    Human suffering takes centrestage

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 29/09/2016

    » After a two-year hiatus, playwright and director Nophand Boonyai is back with his new work Happy New Year Mr. Smith, a play about a divorcee, a person averse to marriage and a celebrity who are entering their 40s.

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    Eastern Persuasion

    Brunch, Chanun Poomsawai, Published on 01/04/2018

    » Habibi/ Cardamom Garden EP

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    From Star Wars to The Burmese March

    Life, Michael Proudfoot, Published on 07/01/2016

    » Where is the closest place in Thailand to Vienna? The answer may have been last Monday, back in 2015, at the packed Thailand Cultural Centre, where the Siam Sinfonietta presented their fourth annual New Year's Concert to an enthusiastic audience.

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    Musical archaeology

    Life, John Clewley, Published on 10/07/2018

    » James Cagney is regarded as one of the first gangster tough guys of Hollywood. Films like The Public Enemy (1931) made him a big star and his tough-guy persona belied his background as a dancer. If you look at the opening scene to his 1932 film Taxi, you'll hear him speaking fluent Yiddish, a "High German" language that originated with Ashkenazi Jewish communities and was later fused with other German dialects, as well as the Hebrew, Aramaic and Slavic languages.

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    Siam Sinfonietta strikes back with Star Wars concert

    Life, Published on 15/03/2018

    » The force will be with Siam Sinfonietta during its epic fundraiser concert that will relive the thrills of your childhood with music from all eight main sequence Star Wars movies in the Main Hall of Thailand Cultural Centre, Ratchadaphisek Road, today at 8pm.

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    Paradise meets with molam beats

    Life, John Clewley, Published on 08/12/2015

    » It's been a busy year for Bangkok-based molam instrumental band Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band. The band released a debut album, 21st Century Molam, in November 2014 to great acclaim. The album garnered a number of awards, including Album of the Week on BBC Radio 6 and a Best Album Award on Gilles Peterson's radio show on the BBC. In Bangkok, the band was recently awarded Best Instrumental Album at the Khom Chat Leuk Awards.

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    Backstreet's back, alright!

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 08/05/2015

    » Backstreet Boys' youngest member Nick Carter, 35, urged the Thai crowd to "act like you're 15" on Wednesday night. There wasn't any need for Carter to offer such  encouragement because all 35 year-olds present at Backstreet Boys' "In a World Like This" tour behaved exactly like that.

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    Mariah who-cares-y?

    Life, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, Published on 04/11/2014

    » As one of the most memorable and praised pop vocalists of her time, there's no denying that Mariah Carey's vocal prowess is second to none, with her ability to go beyond the seventh octave and her signature whistle register. When at the top of her game, Carey's sense of pitch and acrobatic whispery vocals are revered, and have given pop music a new sense of entitlement.

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    Nailing It

    Brunch, Chanun Poomsawai, Published on 08/01/2017

    » The veteran rockers bookend 2016 with a five-track EP which harkens back to the sound that first made them a household name.

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