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    Fighting cyberthieves

    Business, Somruedi Banchongduang, Published on 03/10/2016

    » Sending money and paying utility bills used to require a trip down to the bank during office hours. Today, thanks to smartphones and tablets, those same tasks can be done anytime and anywhere through websites or mobile financial apps.

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    "xCash” App Offers Savings to Smart Consumers with ‘The More

    By prnews, Created on: 26/04/2019, Last updated on: 26/04/2019

    » [attachment=2:2rc0qkmn]highlight.jpg[/attachment:2rc0qkmn][b:2rc0qkmn]"xCash” App Offers Savings to Smart Consumers with ‘The More You Spend, the More You Earn’; xCash Users Set to Total 3 million in 3 Years,with Spending of over THB250m by Year-End, and over 2,000 Partners and Top Brands[/b:2rc0qkmn]...

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    DT Group of Companies (DTGO)’s New “xCash”

    By prnews, Created on: 12/03/2019, Last updated on: 12/03/2019

    » [attachment=1:3g2ejeia]Highlight.jpg[/attachment:3g2ejeia] [b:3g2ejeia]DT Group of Companies (DTGO)’s New “xCash” App for Cashback Point Accumulation on “The more you spend, The more you get” Partners with 8 Credit Card Issuers on Points Equal to Cash, User Privileges[/b:3g2ejeia] - DTGO...

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    Vietjet President & CEO: Realize your dreams

    By prnews, Created on: 21/09/2018, Last updated on: 21/09/2018

    » [attachment=1:37om2ly9]1.jpg[/attachment:37om2ly9] Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Vietnam’s first and only female billionaire according to Forbes magazine, shared her inspirational story, with 1,000 local and foreign delegates at the World Economic Forum on ASEAN, of how she built the budget airline. ...

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    FTE Program Addresses the Needs of Thai SMEs

    By prnews, Created on: 28/05/2018, Last updated on: 28/05/2018

    » [attachment=2:kbezjl90]1.jpg[/attachment:kbezjl90][b:kbezjl90]FTE Program Addresses the Needs of Thai SMEs in Today’s Digital World Veeranan Pipatwongkasem Set to Assist Entrepreneurs to Achieve Business Sustainability[/b:kbezjl90] Apparently, SME and Start-Up businesses are experiencing rapid...

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    Samsung Pay to Launch in Thailand

    By prnews, Created on: 31/10/2016, Last updated on: 31/10/2016

    » [i:2aedx3x5][size=150:2aedx3x5]Preliminary service launches now[/size:2aedx3x5][/i:2aedx3x5] [attachment=0:2aedx3x5]Samsung-Pay_OBT-Promotion.jpg[/attachment:2aedx3x5] [b:2aedx3x5]Bangkok, Thailand – October 28, 2016[/b:2aedx3x5] – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today announced the preliminary...

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    Komli Media Acquires Admax, South East Asia’s #1 Media Netwo

    By prnews, Created on: 01/03/2012, Last updated on: 01/03/2012

    » [b:2gfhishs]Komli Media Acquires Admax, South East Asia’s #1 Media Network Strengthens its leadership position in Asia Pacific[/b:2gfhishs] [attachment=0:2gfhishs]Admax.jpg[/attachment:2gfhishs] Regional, February 29, 2012: Komli Media, Asia Pacific’s leading media technology company, today...

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