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    Talking the walk

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 13/10/2013

    » Seub Nakhasathien Foundation secretary-general Sasin Chalermlarp, 45, made headlines three weeks ago after undertaking an unprecedented long-distance walk to protest against the planned dam in Mae Wong National Park. The journey took him from Nakhon Sawan province to the heart of Bangkok, where he was welcomed by thousands of supporters. Spectrum interviewed him after the mission was completed.

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    Paving a piece of paradise

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 27/10/2013

    » Dech Khieonarong is one of many residents of Tak's Umphang district who cheered when the government announced it was reviving a plan to construct a new road from Khlong Lan to the remote town in the midst of a protected wilderness. Weary of traversing the 164km of arduous road with, by his count, more than 1,000 hairpin curves, he volunteered to head a committee of locals to push for the construction of the ''new'' Khlong Lan-Umphang road, a large part of which was actually constructed more than 40 years ago by the military as part of its efforts to suppress communist insurgents. The military managed to cut 115km of road through the deep forest inside Mae Wong National Park, 30km from Umphang in the 1970s. The military backed off on completing the road to Umphang because of objections that it would compromise the Western Forest Complex. Over the years the military road fell into disuse and is now overgrown and impassable in some places.

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    A different killer lurking in the forest

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 29/09/2013

    » Yoo-ae, 18, could not decide whether or not to leave the cemetery. The Karen girl's mother and friends were urging her to go, but she replied, ''No, I want to stay a little longer,'' her eyes filling with tears.

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    Elephant slaughter: The gangs get bold

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 05/05/2013

    » In early March, Kaeng Krachan National Park chief Chaiwat Limlikhit-aksorn was outraged to learn of another elephant killing in the area he oversees. A female elephant about 15 years old was discovered close to Krarang 3 Reservoir shot in the head and brutally axed, milk still flowing from her breast. Investigators reasoned that the elephant had a baby with her at the time of the killing.

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    Killing the ivory trade

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 17/03/2013

    » The 16th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites), showed its teeth by coming up with a concrete action plan to curb the illegal ivory trade.

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    Thailand at the centre of rising illegal ivory trade

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 13/01/2013

    » 'They are all authentic elephant ivory,'' a middle-aged retailer of crafted ivory ornaments told a group of visitors at her shop in Nakhon Sawan's Phayuha Khiri district last week.

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    Villagers vow they won't give up homes for dam

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 04/11/2012

    » As soon as staff from an engineering consultancy company arrived at the site of the proposed Kaeng Sua Ten dam project in Phrae province late last month, a scuffle broke out between them and locals from the nearby village of Sa-Iab. Later there was another brief confrontation between officials trying to install water level monitors in the Yom River and villagers who tried to stop them. The officials were surrounded and finally driven out of Sa-Iab in a scene reminiscent of one 10 years ago when villagers seized staff from a consultancy firm employed by the World Bank, injuring some of them.

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    Overwhelming odds get better of efforts to stamp out prison drug trade

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 09/09/2012

    » In the early morning of Aug 18, Nakhon Si Thammarat prison warder Od Sae Pua was shot dead on the way home from the prison where he worked for years. The reason was simply that he had refused to help smuggle drugs into the prison and that he reported the attempt to bribe him to do so to his bosses.

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    PAD shelves mass rally over charter

    News, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 11/03/2012

    » The People's Alliance for Democracy yesterday backed away from its threat to stage a major Bangkok rally against the charter rewrite in a move hailed by the government as a breakthrough in easing political tensions.

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