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    Pak boong's flying circus

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 06/04/2014

    » People who pay attention to food know that cooking soup and stir-frying vegetables to perfection is a gift that God bestowed specially on Chinese cooks. Stir-frying vegetables would seem to be a simple thing, but in fact, it’s not. Doing it properly requires a store of precise accumulated knowledge. How soft or hard is the vegetable? How does this affect the length of time it should remain on the fire? How hot should the cooking fire be? What seasonings should be used, and at which point during the frying process should they be added?

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    Some like it hot: Southern cuisine fires up kingdom

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 26/08/2012

    » Decades back, people in Bangkok were used to eating curries and other dishes of the kind that originated in the Central Region, and felt no need to look any further. Some of the basic ones were kaeng som pla chon (a sour-sweet, slightly spicy, soup-like dish made with snakehead fish) with phak boong or some other fresh vegetable on the side, kaeng phet kai or kaeng phet mu (a spicy, red, coconut cream-based curry made with chicken or pork), kaeng khio wan nuea (another spicy, coconut cream curry, made with beef), phat phet pla duk (a spicy catfish stir-fry), pla chon phat khueang kaeng (snakehead fish stir-fried with spicy seasonings), pork or shrimp fried with garlic and pepper, kaeng lieng (a spicy, vegetable soup-like dish), tom yam, yam dishes (salads made hot and sour with chilli and lime) and all kinds of nam phrik (chilli-dip sauces eaten with vegetables and fish).

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