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    Surviving a trade and tech war

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 27/05/2019

    » If Huawei and WeChat are using their technologies to spy for Beijing, then what proof do we have that Apple and Facebook haven't been doing the same for Washington all these years? How about Samsung? Could it not do the same for Seoul?


    The omnichannel future

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 14/01/2019

    » Consumers in the digital world are rapidly driving demand for easier ways to shop, especially in mobile-mad Asia. Easy means anytime, anywhere, while accepting all types of payments. That's where omnichannel comes in, derived from the Latin prefix omni meaning all or universal.


    Virtually covered

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 10/12/2018

    » As an enthusiastic user of two-wheeled transport -- both bicycles and motorcycles -- Nicolas Faquet understands what kinds of risks he has to take on the road every day.


    China's new travellers

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 13/08/2018

    » When the tour boat Phoenix capsized and sank in rough seas off Phuket on July 5, the lives of hundreds of Chinese people changed forever as they dealt with the loss of 47 loved ones.


    Token gestures

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 30/04/2018

    » Visa, the world's largest payment network, and archrival Mastercard are championing digital tokens as a new and safer option in Asia, where people under age 30 are the driving force toward rapid adoption of digital payment.


    Back from the dead

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 29/01/2018

    » Once considered dead after US President Donald Trump pulled his country out of the deal signed by his predecessor, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has come back to life with its 11 remaining members agreeing to move on with the giant free-trade agreement.


    ShopBack sees big potential for cash-back model

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 25/09/2017

    » The cash-back shopping website ShopBack has arrived in Thailand and is focusing on familiarising customers with the concept, building trust and helping consumers to find more shops online.


    Maximum mobility

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 28/08/2017

    » From the day you book your air ticket to the moment you open your hotel-room door, travel these days can be a seamless experience for anyone with a smartphone. Paper documents, cash and credit cards, even room keys and cards are all becoming artifacts of the past. And because of the convenience, the growth of online travel applications of all sorts is surging.


    Our fintech future

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 20/03/2017

    » In a digital world where the exchange of money is being revolutionised, banks are stepping up their collaboration with financial technology specialists to shape the future of financial institutions along with their security and data collecting systems.


    Feeling the pulse

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 13/03/2017

    » When Tamara Ingram was named CEO of J Walter Thompson (JWT) in March last year, many in the industry cheered the fact that a big glass ceiling had finally been shattered where women in advertising are concerned.

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