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    Nihon no Hana

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 01/10/2012

    » The second exhibit of the Museum of Floral Culture is called "The World of Floral Culture". This takes the visitors on a magic carpet ride to the beautiful world of floral cultures. Important floral cultures of different nations flourishing in different parts of Asia _ China, Japan, Cambodia, Bali, Tibet, Laos and India _ are celebrated and put into delightful displays in the exhibition.

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    A dance of flowers

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 29/08/2012

    » The tour of my flower museum, The Museum of Floral Culture, takes about 45 minutes and it is divided into two parts. The first part of the tour is of the beautifully-preserved golden teak mansion where visitors will be guided through all the exhibitions.

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    Woven Wonder

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 23/05/2012

    » In Varanasi, the enchanting tune of the sitar reverberates through the air over the Ganges while the dexterous hands of a weaver move as he follows thousands-year-old tradition of producing the famed silk of Kashi. Flower garlands that adorn the statues of gods in more than 1,500 temples of Varanasi are acquired by the devotees from flower merchants' baskets woven from rustic vine.

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    Floral floater

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 14/03/2012

    » The cultural wealth of the people in tropical Asia, such as Bali in Indonesia or Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand, never fails to amaze and impress visitors. Be it the architecture, art, music, traditional performances, and, of course, the flower culture. No one can deny that one of the greatest charms of these tropical lands is that it's always spring time and the flowers are always in bloom.

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