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    No offence

    Life, Gary Boyle, Published on 22/01/2019

    » You'll be familiar with Jim Jefferies' schtick. He's the archetypal Aussie bloke, unconcerned with politically correct ways to address hot-button topics. His rants wrong-foot you with boozy observations that crystallise into astute commentary on modern society, like he's some kind of pub savant.


    Boundaries blurred

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 16/09/2015

    » The Toronto International Film Festival, which runs until Sunday, is known as a showcase for big hitters -- movies with stars, budget and particularly Oscar ambition. The 40th edition of the festival screens over 350 titles, and those that dominate the headlines -- The Danish Girl, The Martian, Black Mass, Beasts Of No Nation, Spotlight, Every Brand Is Crisis, etc -- are those that you'll likely to read and hear a lot about as the award season kicks into high gear. 


    Politics as art

    Life, Ariane Kupferman-Sutthavong, Published on 02/05/2018

    » You can observe Eiji Sumi's seesaw-like art installation from a distance, or you can engage with it. Either way, it's "play or be played", as the larger-than-life platform offers biting commentary on the mechanics of politics.


    Relentlessly restive

    Life, Ariane Kupferman-Sutthavong, Published on 03/05/2017

    » 'I think they're just selling clothes here," said one of three girls, as they walked out of the narrow, circular corridor leading to an exhibition space at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre.


    Musings on the Skywalk

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 04/11/2016

    » Some of you may have noticed Ratchaprasong Skywalk's recent spruce-up. If you haven't, read on to get with the times!


    SEA photography in perspective

    Life, Published on 02/03/2017

    » For writer, curator and artist Zhuang Wubin, curiosity and years of oral interviews culminated in a survey of photography in Southeast Asia.


    Where time and space cease to exist

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 02/11/2016

    » How do we picture the world and ourselves? That is one of the key questions asked in "An Atlas Of Mirrors", the fifth edition of Singapore Biennale, which opened last week at various venues with the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and SAM at 8Q as the main spaces. As many as 63 artists and collectives joined and the result is a gushing forth of narratives -- collective and personal, historical and contemporary, factual and imaginary.


    The fine art of persistence

    Brunch, Jeerawat Na Thalang, Published on 19/06/2016

    » The latest artwork of Chakrabhand Posayakrit, Thailand's best-known painter, is the most surprising of the master's prolific oeuvre.


    Loud paintings

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 13/01/2016

    » Echoing the title of Paphonsak La-or's solo exhibition "Silent No More", his opening reception at Lyla Gallery in Chiang Mai on Boxing Day last year was buzzing with locals and those who had made the trip from Bangkok. Milling around, everyone in the exhibition room couldn't possibly have avoided the huge 7m-long centrepiece that comes with a shade of blue paint that is neither gloomy nor reassuring in the background. While there's a sentence in the middle, "This image is no longer available", the bottom text reads, "Love which was woven in our society leads to a great tragedy and sorrow".


    Structures of the overlooked

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 06/05/2015

    » In the exhibition "Subcutaneous Infrastructure" at Bridge Art Space, a set of plaster sculptures by Natee Tubtimthong and those made of metal wire with found objects by Wisut Yimprasert don't clash, but complement one another with smooth cohesion.

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