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    A failing grade

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 20/08/2019

    » First it was rotten eggs in phalo soup served to schoolchildren in Prachin Buri province. Then it was criticism over a school lunch case in Nakhon Pathom where people took to social media, complaining both the quality and quantity of a lunch meal served to primary pupils.


    Fermented fad

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 22/01/2019

    » Forget low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diets, gluten-free foods and all things detox. These are diet bygones compared to a slightly-sparkling, gold-coloured fermented drink called kombucha that is now all the rage. They say Madonna drinks it, so does Halle Berry, Lindsay Lohan and Gwyneth Paltrow. Even testosterone-fuelled Jake Gyllenhaal and Orlando Bloom were seen clutching a bottle.

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    Nurturing kids at their most impressionistic stage

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 08/03/2018

    » Eat, play and love -- they're the three most significant elements in the development of a child during those first six years. So to raise public awareness regarding the importance of this, and to send the message to parents, Unicef along with Central Group recently launched a campaign entitled #EatPlayLove to promote children's brain development.

  • LIFE

    Puff away pain

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 30/05/2017

    » Marijuana is a two-sided plant. Despite its medicinal benefits especially for severe pain management, marijuana -- or weed -- is known to be one of the most abused drugs in the world, giving a euphoric high, and even delusions and hallucinations if smoked too much.

  • LIFE

    Flying the flag

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 13/10/2015

    » Going vegetarian, the old style

  • LIFE

    A senior moment

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 04/02/2015

    » In the first of a series delving into the work of people often overlooked, Life follows a caregiver at a home for the elderly, hearing her thoughts on a country verging on becoming an ageing society, and what actions need to be taken to ensure the aged are not forgotten.

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    Sombre remembrance at Thammasat

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 04/10/2019

    » To mark the 43rd anniversary of the Oct 6 student uprisings in 1976, myriad activities will be organised this weekend at Thammasat University, Tha Prachan campus.


    All I need is the air that I breathe

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 30/01/2019

    » The hazardous fine dust particles known as PM2.5 are hitting Bangkok like a silent killer. People are nervous. The N95 respirator masks to filter the minuscule particles, less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter, have quickly sold out. Online communities are flooded with data on how humans -- and animals -- can keep safe.

  • LIFE

    Where to give in the season of giving

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 26/12/2018

    » New Year is approaching and it's time to declutter your old, unused stuff at home to make way for something newer, fresher and better in 2019.

  • LIFE

    Starving kids of a future

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 11/06/2018

    » The public felt rage when they saw a video clip on social media wherein small students at Ban Tha Mai school in Surat Thani province were served khanom jeen with sprinkles of fish sauce as a school lunch. Nutrition-wise, it was a sad choice.

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