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    Tiger dancing

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 28/06/2013

    » The Chiang Mai Night Safari has a white tiger with an unusual skill. Find out what it is in a story told in "really easy English."


    Girl power

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 09/05/2016

    » The girl group GAIA created a buzz when it was formed in 2013. Its 25-year-old singer, Jutamas Wichai (Joy), was already known by K-pop fans because she joined GAIA after leaving the Korean group Rania. Following the singles “Audition Lueak Dai (Audition),” “Love Potion” and “Rak Thoe Tae Thoe Mai Roo (Unrequited Love),” GAIA recently released the dance song, “Love Me Please.”


    Singing senorita

    Tatat Bunnag, Published on 09/05/2016

    » After taking a few years off from music, good-natured pop singer Lalita Singtotong, better known as Noey Senorita, has surprised her fans with two new singles — the pop rock “Mee Krai Ngao Muen Rao Mai (Lonely)” and the moody ballad “Tua Lork (Don’t Be Fake).” Both songs will be included on her new album, which will be her first since 2009.


    Time for Apartment Khunpa

    Tatat Bunnag, Published on 12/05/2016

    » Fans of Bangkok's beloved indie rockers Apartment Khunpa are happy that the band finally released their first album in six years, Raksaniyom, in March. This was followed by their latest single “Nalika Sai (Hourglass).” The band is well-known for their honest and direct lyrics which cover philosophy, modern society, nightlife and even politics.


    Justin time

    Tatat Bunnag, Published on 25/04/2016

    » The music business has become even more competitive recently as the number of YouTube views seems to be more important than a place on the music charts. But this isn’t a problem for the new rock singer Justin Pongumpai.


    Introducing Thailand Submerged: The news section

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 27/09/2012

    » One of the best things about Thailand Submerged is that it follows last year’s flooding from start to finish. Thus, it is easy to compare this year’s flood situation with last year. What for example was the situation like in 2011 at this time. Let’s take a look.


    Let's get married. It's 12-12-12.

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 13/12/2012

    » Yesterday, December 12, 2012 seemed like a lucky day to get married. Unfortunately, at some district offices, the computers weren't cooperating. There are many photos for the story which is told in really easy English.


    GrabTukTuk opens in Chiang Mai

    Gary Boyle, Published on 14/06/2019

    » Grab has partnered with Nakorn Lanna Cooperative to launch GrabTukTuk Electric service in Chiang Mai.


    Summer storm, small hailstones in northern Bangkok

    Gary Boyle, Published on 26/04/2019

    » Some areas in northern Bangkok were pounded by a summer storm, strong winds and sometimes small hailstones on Thursday.


    174 die, 1,728 hurt on roads in first 3 days of Songkran

    Gregory Morrissey, Published on 15/04/2019

    » The first three days of the danger-prone Songkran travel week saw 1,665 traffic accidents, with 174 deaths and 1,728 people injured -- a significant drop from last year's road toll and lower than Thailand's average number of road deaths throughout the year, according to World Health Organization figures.

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