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    Chiang Mai turns to mobile app to push recycling cause

    News, Published on 29/09/2019

    » Like other big cities in Thailand, the municipality of Chiang Mai has had problems with rubbish. The real challenge is not with collecting or disposing of waste, as with its budget, the municipality can hire disposal companies for this purpose.


    Revving up for danger

    News, Published on 14/07/2019

    » The crash involving a big bike that was driven by a 13-year-old boy and injured two people in Chiang Mai last weekend has set alarm bells ringing about the dangers of powerful motorcycles on public roads, particularly of those in the hands of careless riders.


    Cracking down on meth

    News, Published on 06/10/2019

    » The large hauls of drugs seized in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand earlier this year have renewed calls for crackdowns, which go beyond just those three countries.


    Smart ID cards ease patient stress

    News, Onnucha Hutasingh, Published on 16/09/2018

    » Chiang Mai: Smart ID cards are helping ease patient worries about their ability to meet the cost of treatment, especially if they cannot find ready cash to pay up front as they had to do in the past.


    Our top 10 stories in a year that will be hard to forget

    Spectrum, Published on 25/12/2016

    » Over the past year 'Spectrum' has reported a wide range of issues to give readers valuable insights. Our reporter ambushed the monk who helped Leicester City to their shock English Premier League title to get an exclusive. Another reporter blended in with Chinese yuppies in the new business district of Bangkok to find out why they decided to migrate to Thailand. Two reporters did a series of stories on the Tiger Temple by hanging out with the veterinarian, monks and national park officers to listen to all sides. We were determined to find the truth. Last month we also went up to Chiang Mai to talk to Hmong girls wrongly accused of stealing a British tourist's watch. Here are the top 10 stories in another exciting year of reporting.


    Welcome to the Holy Pond

    News, King-oua Laohong, Published on 06/04/2019

    » At a temple in Sing Buri about 150 kilometres north of Bangkok, worshippers carry buckets of water which they then pour into a sacred pond to fulfil their vows after their wishes have come true.


    Lt Yai's million dollar babies

    Spectrum, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 14/08/2016

    » Lieutenant Yai first started Thai boxing when he was 18 years old and four decades later, he is still involved with the sport, but not quite in the way he may have imagined.


    Doing a dance with his princely status

    Spectrum, Jeerawat Na Thalang, Published on 01/05/2016

    » Karandeep Singh Sahib became an instant celebrity after local media publicised the visit of "the Prince of Dholpur" to Thailand.

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    Hmong girls get justice

    Spectrum, Published on 25/12/2016

    » Spectrum helped clear the names of two Hmong girls once falsely accused of being robbers by reporting their side of the story in our Dec 11 edition. The sisters, Dokmai, 10, and Gaolhee, 7, used to go to Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai after school to earn extra income by posing for photographs in hill tribe costumes with tourists.


    Ban Maejo goes back to nature

    News, Nauvarat Suksamran, Published on 13/08/2016

    » Choosing whether to stay in bustling Bangkok where jobs are plentiful and returning to a rural town where there is only farmland and forests cost Thongbai Leknamnarong many sleepless nights.

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