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    Roaring Success in 2012?

    Life, Published on 02/01/2012

    » Mohdu Paisarn's horoscope is based on Thai sidereal astrology, so your sign may be different from in the Western astrological system.


    In the name of love

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 10/02/2012

    » Love is indeed a strange and powerful force. It can make us do crazy things like stare at the phone willing our darling to call for the fifth time of the day. It can make us spend a year's salary impressing our khun noo girlfriend with an LV bag despite an unwavering credit card debt. It can drive us to hide in the bushes behind the object of our affection's house, going through their trash in the hope of finding a lock of their hair to use in a love spell.


    Flushing out the potty mouths

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 12/02/2012

    » Wanpen was away from work yesterday but today she is back. Frail but animated.


    Where there's smoke...

    Guru, Published on 17/02/2012

    » Red shirt co-leader Jatuporn Prompan unsettled a few Bangkokians with his recent tirade in which he claimed that the Red Army must take to the streets once again because his inside sources at US Intelligence HQ told him there's going to be a coup to overthrow the beloved sister of Mr Thaksin "The Outlaw" Shinawatra in April.


    Geckos spark lottery rage

    Life, Published on 12/03/2012

    » Early this month people in Kamphaeng Phet province spotted a gecko hanging from a ceiling by its hind limbs. Occasionally it was seen clasping its two front limbs in a posture similar to when people are praying.


    Follow your star

    Guru, Published on 01/06/2012

    » Dear Capricorn, don't give up when faced with big obstacles. In legal battles, you will receive fair judgment. You may pay off a big debt. An ex may try to break you and your partner up. Singles see someone who wants their money.


    It was the breast of times ... sorry, Where was I?

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 24/06/2012

    » Back when I was a kid there was a night-time soap opera in Australia called Number 96.


    Just as nice, At ten times the price

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 26/08/2012

    » In Australia when I was growing up, we were taught we were all the same. Equals. As a kid I kinda liked that idea, though it didn't stop me shouting out ''Cattle Ticks'' to the kids at the Catholic school across the creek, or ''dirty wogs'' to the new Australians from Athens or Rome. Children can be cruel, dear reader.


    Saving the savannah

    Life, Published on 27/08/2012

    » Just about every afternoon, a natural phenomenon has evolved into one of Thailand's greatest wildlife shows. A savannah situated in Kui Buri National Park in the southwest province of Prachuap Khiri Khan provides a backdrop for three of the Kingdom's majestic wild animals.


    On your bike

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 28/09/2012

    » Bicycle-friendly Bangkok sounds like an oxymoron given how inhospitable the city's streets are. However, many local groups are initiating a strong movement to promote bicycling in the city as a way to get fit, ease traffic congestion, and save the world. And in case you want to become a part of this healthy cycle of change, here's our round-up of basic aspects of bicycling in the city you need to know.

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