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    Odds against new lotto plan

    News, Editorial, Published on 05/08/2019

    » The Government Lottery Office (GLO) is doing more harm than good in proposing a new type of lottery ticket -- the "12 Thai Zodiac" picture-based draw game.


    Do away with conscription

    News, Editorial, Published on 24/03/2018

    » Despite Thailand not being at war, another batch of young Thai men will be drafted early next month to serve in the military against their will. This costly and unnecessary annual military conscription, which has existed by default for decades, needs a rethink. Many countries have abolished it. Thailand has no reason to carry on with it.


    Laws that lead to guffaws

    News, Editorial, Published on 14/10/2017

    » In what appears to be an attempt at law enforcement, authorities in the past two weeks have taken legal action against two prominent public figures by resorting to what appears to be a misuse of both the law and its principles.


    New law must rake in all corrupt figures

    News, Editorial, Published on 16/07/2017

    » The recent National Legislative Assembly (NLA) decision to approve a law on criminal procedures for holders of political positions has drawn mixed public reaction.


    Bombers must face justice

    News, Editorial, Published on 23/05/2017

    » All of those involved in Monday's explosion at the army-run Phramongkutklao Hospital which hurt 25 people must be condemned.


    Banks must be accountable

    News, Editorial, Published on 17/05/2017

    » Last month, the hunt was on for an elderly embezzler who scammed at least 1.4 billion baht from a respectable savings group. When tracked down, Assoc Prof Sawad Saengbangpla, 79, shrugged and admitted that for the past several years he had run the Chulalongkorn University Savings Cooperative for personal gain. He had lured members of the cooperative to invest in his "government lottery cooperative" and transferred about 1.4 billion baht to himself since 2010. He then paid off debts and took long holidays to gamble on Singapore's Sentosa island casino until the scam was discovered. Police told depositors in effect, "too bad", they had lost all their savings.


    Mourners left high and dry

    News, Editorial, Published on 02/11/2016

    » Authorities had plenty of time and lots of warnings to plan for the big crowds wanting to take part in the special mourning ceremony for His Majesty the late King. However, they were unable to deal with the expected crush. Now, under direction of Prime Minister's Office Minister Suwaphan Tanyuvardhana, they're trying to recoup. The initial failure is a shame, and it is vital to get it right.


    Clean-up efforts need more thought

    News, Editorial, Published on 14/02/2016

    » If your lover fails to give you flowers for Valentine’s Day today, you can thank the junta. The clean-up campaign that has swept through 39 locations in 21 Bangkok districts has arrived at Pak Khlong Talat flower market — which handles the vast majority of the roses, marigolds and more grown in Thailand and much of the imports — just in time for the busiest week of the year. More than 1,400 vendors were told on Feb 2 to move out by the end of the month under a notice from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, which in turn takes its orders from the military regime. Surprise is an essential part of Valentine’s Day, but this is one the vendors could have done without.


    Praise for lotto job well done

    News, Editorial, Published on 22/10/2015

    » Kudos to the board of the Government Lottery Office (GLO), chaired by Maj Gen Apirat Kongsompong, for its courageous decision to put an end to the monopolistic lottery allocation, a root cause of lottery overpricing. It is a feat that the current board's predecessors had failed to carry out -- or, to be more precise, were reluctant to enact over the past few decades.

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