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    'Peepoo' to stop flying toilet

    AFP, Published on 13/03/2012

    » Can Peepoo stop the flying toilet? A small Swedish company believes so.


    Grow your own

    Brunch, Normita Thongtham, Published on 01/04/2012

    » The floods that put nearly a third of Thailand underwater for months last year sent the price of vegetables soaring, that is if they were available at all. This served as a lesson to one couple, who decided to ensure they maintain a steady supply of herbs and vegetables, floods or no floods.


    The Healing Herb

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 10/04/2012

    » Rattanapan Pansri only wished to hear some good news from the second doctor about her husband who was earlier diagnosed as suffering the final stage of colon cancer. Unfortunately, the second opinion turned things from bad to worse.


    Honey for money but stings free

    News, Saiarun Pinaduang, Published on 09/06/2012

    » At the break of dawn, a group of men and women - the honey hunters - head deep into the forest in Phayao province, each carrying a bucket they hope will be full of amber syrup when they go home later in the day.


    Seeking the ideal suitcase

    Life, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 30/07/2012

    » Travel has become a regular part of many of our lives and to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible we prefer luggage that is comfortable to carry, easy to manoeuvre, weather-resistant and hard-wearing.


    The diy path to a dazzling garden

    Brunch, Normita Thongtham, Published on 19/08/2012

    » Years ago, when several houses in my neighbourhood had lawns, there was a man who made regular rounds of the houses on weekends to mow them or prune trees. We had a gardener at the time so he did not work for us, but he had several customers in my neighbourhood. I could see him mowing the lawn of my nearest neighbour one weekend, and pruning the shrubs in the garden of a house farther down the road the next.


    Gardener, Heal thyself

    Brunch, Normita Thongtham, Published on 02/12/2012

    » Orawan Chomsri sent me a photo of the red ripe fruits of a plant she and her husband Rawat found growing on their land in Ratchaburi's Ban Pong district, when they visited recently. "I've never seen [the plant] before," she wrote, adding that it was a creeper known in Thai as mawaeng, a type of native aubergine.


    Get going with guava's natural goodness

    Brunch, Normita Thongtham, Published on 13/01/2013

    » Guava is one of the best gifts presented by nature, according to a Korean company producing health and beauty products. I couldn't agree more. The US Department of Agriculture's handbook No8, which details the composition of foods, says the fruit is rich in vitamins A and B, calcium and iron, and contains five times more vitamin C than oranges, five times more fibre than apples, and more potassium than bananas. But there is one other reason why I think every backyard should have a guava tree: It is medicinal.


    When you've passed your tipping point

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 27/01/2013

    » Dateline Los Angeles. It is time for your favourite columnist to return to Thailand. I'm expecting a large contingent of waiters and valet parking attendants to be present at the departures gate at LAX. With the amount of money I have placed in their hands this past week, it's the least they can do.


    Water world

    Life, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 12/04/2013

    » The Northeast is parched and farmers are bearing the brunt of water scarcity at the height of summer.

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