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    Crunch time for the SRT

    News, Published on 14/03/2012

    » It is past time for the State Railway of Thailand to take stock and start work to make the state enterprise a safe and reliable form of travel. On Sunday, yet another collision at yet another unguarded crossing needlessly killed one person and injured 50 others.


    Reporting live, here comes Khun Obvious!

    Guru, Sumati Sivasiamphai, Published on 05/10/2012

    » Sifting through the amount of information that's presented to us these days is like entering a hoarder's home and finding 582 pet carcasses before you actually stumble upon anything of value. And even then, what you think may be a rare antique brooch may actually be a hairball from 1937.


    3G farce risks Thailand's reputation on world stage

    News, Published on 03/11/2012

    » As Thai politics sits in a stalemate with no reconciliation in sight, 3G deployment could be a welcome New Year gift for the Thai people - at least Thai society could see something new, not just unending political conflict, noted Suthat Sretboonsang, a former Thailand Trade Representative writing for Post Today.


    SRT cannot afford to freeze third-class fares

    News, Saritdet Marukatat, Published on 10/12/2012

    » Playing with fire is safer than playing with train fares. That's why the issue of train fares is largely left untouched by transport ministers and railway chiefs.


    New year wish list

    News, Published on 24/12/2012

    » The time of the year has come again when farmers are burning their rice fields regardless of research showing that this diminishes rice yields. Why is nothing being done to eliminate burning and create a win-win situation through rising yield rates and reduced pollution?


    Think you know what's happening in the world around you?

    Guru, Sumati Sivasiamphai, Published on 01/03/2013

    » Well, Guru doesn't and we need your help! See if you can answer these amazingly difficult questions and win yourself the joy of being right!


    Turning the tables

    News, Published on 18/04/2013

    » I haven't had many good things to say about Songkran these past years, but each does have a memorable moment.


    4 wheels good, protection from the law better!

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 22/06/2013

    » Italian super luxury car maker Rambikini proudly announces the launch of an exclusive limited edition of three models especially for Thai politicians, first-born sons of obscenely wealthy businessmen and luxury-loving monks. This last group has emerged as the company's untapped demographic (we bang our foreheads for not having thought of them sooner) whose sacred aura and talismanic power will surely lend our supercars with an unprecedented mixture of spirituality and materialism.


    PTT deserves a closer watch

    News, Published on 31/07/2013

    » The oil leak now devastating one beach and important offshore waters along the east coast has been one of the worst-managed disasters in recent memory. The failures to prevent the leak, manage the spill, contain the pollution and avoid the Koh Samet calamity represent a dreadful breakdown.


    Thai soap going global

    News, Published on 25/08/2013

    » Every now and then, a favourite columnist or writer who is consistently good just excels and produces a gem. The ball usually lies in the court of Voranai Vanijaka, whose columns are avidly read and appreciated by my friends in Toronto and San Francisco.

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